Tripy Songs

  • ►10 Trippy Songs (#6)◄ ►[Chillstep Special]◄ (Chillstep/House/Trance/Electro/Glitch Hop/Dubstep)

    ►10 Trippy Songs (#6)◄ ►[Chillstep Special]◄ (Chillstep/House/Trance/Electro/Glitch Hop/Dubstep) MP3

    After 5 hours of energetic club/party music, I've decided to slow things down for this video. This is the 6th 10-playlist of very trippy, chill songs. Enjoy :) Disagree ...

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  • Antiserum & Mayhem - Trippy

    Antiserum & Mayhem - Trippy MP3

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  • Om namah Shivaya (Best Tripy Trance ever)

    Om namah Shivaya (Best Tripy Trance ever) MP3

    Tags: Om Namah Shivaya, om, trance, edm, music, rock, cool, best, namah, shiv, shiva, shivatribal, tribal, Trance Music (Musical Genre), shivv, trippy, ever, cute, oub, disco, club, drug, drugs, addiction, weed, gANJA, cannabis, Cannabis (Drug), Medical Cannabis (Drug), cannabis drug, joint, roll, stoner, babaji ki booty, booty, babaji, maal, trancefamily, electro, house, electrohouse, armin, rave, party, mandarine, trancewelove, djnumberone, thebest, arminvanbuuren, House Music (Musical Genre), movement

  • TRIP VIDEO [2015] - [Songs Playlist] Best Trippy Vines Compilation "Weirdest Video"

    TRIP VIDEO [2015] - [Songs Playlist] Best Trippy Vines Compilation "Weirdest Video" MP3

    Credits: Trippy, FEBO, Wolf El Magnus, Nal™ & Loopz For Dayz ▻Vine: ▻NEW VIDEOS: ...

    Tags: Trippy, Music, Trap, 2015, Video, Vine, Vines, Compilation, Weirdest, Illuminati, Loops, Vine Loops, Playlist, Trap Music, Best Vines, Best Vine, Weird, Best Trap Music, Weirdest Video, Trip, Trip Video, enjoythetrip, enjoy the trip

  • Trippy Animation courtesy of Anthony Francisco Schepperd

    Trippy Animation courtesy of Anthony Francisco Schepperd MP3

    This is a cool animation that is originally a video created by the artist/animator Anthony Francisco Schepperd... for Tony Simon aka(Blockhead) for his 2009 ...

    Tags: blockhead, Trance

  • HIGH TRIP - Smoke Weed and watch this trippy video !

    HIGH TRIP - Smoke Weed and watch this trippy video ! MP3

    Subscribe for more ▻ [] Facebook ▻ [] Share your reactions with me on the comments ! Please be kind and ...

    Tags: Trippy, Health (Industry), Smoking (Quotation Subject), Watch (Industry), Road, Quality, Read, Jay, Funny video, ukraine, putin barrel roll, trippy video, weed, lsd, illuminati, montage parody, Trance, Cannabis (Drug), Psychedelic, optique, optic, smoking, high trip, high, trip, slut, mushroom

  • Trippy Music Mix

    Trippy Music Mix MP3

    This compilation video is not actually "trippy"... it's just for yall to chill more when tripping on any substance (or even sober) ^.^ The tracks were chosen by me, ...

    Tags: the, crystal, method, pink, floyd, phutureprimitive, porcupine, tree, shpongle, blue, sky, black, death, tool, talamasca, jean, michel, jarre, high, dmt, lsd, salvia, mushrooms, weed, cannabis, marijuana, ayahuasca, trip, hyperspace, pineal, gland, third, eye, 420, trippy, music, compilation, mix, psy, trance, progressive, rock, dubstep, goa

  • ►10 More Trippy Songs (#7)◄ ►[Trance Special]◄ (Trance,DnB,Glitch Hop,EDM,Trap,Chillstep)

    ►10 More Trippy Songs (#7)◄ ►[Trance Special]◄ (Trance,DnB,Glitch Hop,EDM,Trap,Chillstep) MP3

    This is the 7th 10-playlist of very trippy songs, beginning very fast-paced, and slowing throughout the video. Enjoy :) Caution: Songs of these songs may trip ...

    Tags: Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Electronic Dance Music (Musical Genre), Trance Music (Musical Genre), Trap (Musical Genre), Glitch Hop, EDM, DnB, House Music (Musical Genre), Electronic Music (Media Genre), Electro, Chillstep, Dubstep, 10 Trippy Songs, 10 More Trippy Songs, Searingwolfe, Trance Special, Trap, Techno

  • Sex Drugs & Trance ( MDMA Trip‪, Droga visual e.e Trippy Visual, Daft Punk‬ style‪ ‬)

    Sex Drugs & Trance ( MDMA Trip‪, Droga visual e.e Trippy Visual, Daft Punk‬ style‪ ‬) MP3

    The sequel : PLEASE do not steal my video! There are more than ten people who steal my picture without permission! Music and ...

    Tags: Daft Punk (Musical Group), optica, goa, psy, trance, 1200, mics, micrograms, ecstasy, trip, visuals, cool, stone, trippy, visual, marijuana, colourful, intense, drug, enjoyment, peaceful, extacy, magic, trippin, insane, rad, groovy, swirls, moving, tripping, optical, illusion, Psychedelic, Rave, Mushroom, mp3, download, Goa Trance (Musical Genre), Psychedelia (Musical Genre), Festival, Mushroom (lava Flow), Live Music, Funny, Techno, Rave Music (Musical Genre), MDMA (Drug), Trance Music (Musical Genre)

  • Trippy Trance Xperience

    Trippy Trance Xperience MP3

    Trippy images with some trance music, VERY TRIPPY CONTENT!!!...;D Artist: Paranormal Attack Song: The Pill.

    Tags: trippy, trance, psychedelic, stoned, Rave, Mushroom, Electronic, Techno, Psychedelia (Musical Genre), marijuana, cannabis, weed, lsd, mdma, ecstasy, trip, surreal, tripping, maconha, chapado, psytrance, cubensis, dmt, viagem, bad trip, mckenna, hoffman, blotter, Cannabis (drug), Psychedelic Experience, voyage, watch high, maconheiro, baseado, fumando baseado, fumando crack, fumando maconha, ventania, lysergic, cannabis cup, amsterdan, lsa, frito, fritado, Tribe

  • #EnjoyTheTrip - Best Trippy Vines Compilation || 4 MINUTES TRIP HD

    #EnjoyTheTrip - Best Trippy Vines Compilation || 4 MINUTES TRIP HD MP3

    Shorter Version [2 Mins]: [] & NEW Video: ▻ Credits: FEBO, •Dead_Man•, SWIRL ,Trippllusion, ...

    Tags: WaveToTheBeat, TriAngleGlitchSquAd, Best Vines, Vines Compilation, Trippy Vines, Illusion, Illuminati, Trap Trippy, Trap Music, Best Trap Music, Trap Music Compilation, enjoythetrip, enjoy the trip, trippy, wolf el magnus, febo

  • 2 Tripy Techno Songs To Watch On Acid

    2 Tripy Techno Songs To Watch On Acid MP3

    2 Tripy Techno Songs To Watch On Acid By DJ'S Astral Projection And Infected Mushroom.

    Tags: Tripy, Techno, Songs, To, Watch, On, Acid, By, Astral, Projection, And, Infected, acid, extacy, rave, techno, trance, trippy, fl, studio, Dj, Italian, ice, electronica, trip, trippin, crazy, lsd, rolls, drugs

  • Trippy ass song to listen to when your high!

    Trippy ass song to listen to when your high! MP3

    Posted this when I was 15 and started smoking, finally found old PW to this account. 900k views wow. Came across dubstep freshman year from a junior in the ...

    Tags: trippy, song, to, listen, when, your, stoned, high, cannabis, ganja, weed, marijuana, Dubstep (Musical Genre), Techno, Beats, Hallucination (Symptom), smoke, acid, shrooms, adventure, journey

  • Chill Trippy Shit

    Chill Trippy Shit MP3

    I just made this video for a project in our school, hope you'll like it! Playlist: 0:00 - Anna Lunoe & Flume - I Met You 3:33 - Ambassadeurs - M.O.P.E 8:21 ...

    Tags: mindfuck, chill, trip, music, Chill-out Music (Broadcast Genre), Ambient Music (Musical Genre), Electronic

  • MOST TRIPPY PSY TRANCE MIX [HD] (w/ animations)

    MOST TRIPPY PSY TRANCE MIX [HD] (w/ animations) MP3

    Like DJ Locatekno on Facebook: This is a LIVE MIX of the best Psy Trance anthems ever made (mostly 2007), including ...

    Tags: Psychedelic Trance (Musical Genre), Best, Mix, Ever, Psy Trance, Full On, Progressive, Dark, Psy, Trance, Psychedelic, Rave, Set, Trip, Trippy, LSD, Mushroom, Skazi, Sesto Sento, Astrix, Talamasca, Infected Mushroom, 1200 Micrograms (Musical Group), Animations, Scratch, Live, hot girls, girls, bikini, summer, Tomorrowland, DJ, Bassault, Electronic, Festival, 2007, 2013, Remix, Disc Jockey (Profession), Hardstyle, hallucinogen, Electro, compilation, Dance, Growling Mad Scientists (Musical Group), Wrecked Machines, visuals

  • Chill Out, You

    Chill Out, You're Already On Shrooms ( Trippy Video HD) MP3

    Epilepsy Warning!! Have a Good trip I made this video my self but i haven't animated the pics. Some parts I have cut from different movies and some found fro ...

    Tags: Trippy, Shrooms, mushrooms, Psilocybin Mushroom (Organism Classification), Psychedelic, High, Video, Trippy Anime Video, Music Video (TV Genre), HD

  • Psychedelic Trippy Mushroom Mix [Watch When High]

    Psychedelic Trippy Mushroom Mix [Watch When High] MP3

    Made High for High. Trippy music made for pure psychedelic perfection! In association with 1. In the Shadows 2. Sublex Intro ...

    Tags: Psychedelia (Musical Genre), sublex, trippy music, music when high, stoner music, stoned music, mushroom music, music to trip to, different trippy music, audio visual trip, magic mushroom mix, taking mushrooms, music for mushrooms, music for marijuana, dubstep, chillstep, free download, mix, subliminal, gangsta music

  • Trippy Visual - Marijuana

    Trippy Visual - Marijuana MP3

    Not responsible for seizures. Okay since the majority of people think this video is supposed to get you high.. you are absolute idiots. Song name: Marijuana.

    Tags: trippy, trip, visual, marijuana, colourful, intense, music, trance, drug, enhance, enjoyment, amazing, peaceful, cool, extacy, magic, trippin, insane, rad, groovy, swirls, moving, tripping, optical, illusion, optical illusion