Trompies Sweety Lavo Mp3 Download

  • Trompies - Sweety Lavo

    Trompies - Sweety Lavo MP3

    kwaito south african hip hop music.

    Tags: Hiphop, Kwaito, Afrika, Africa, South, zuid, tsotsi, Zoeloe, Sotho, Iscamtho, trompies, sweety, lavo

  • Trompies - Sweety lavo

    Trompies - Sweety lavo MP3

    viva la kwaito.

    Tags: kwaito

  • KWAITO DRIVETIME EDITION ( classic ) mixed by Club Banga

    KWAITO DRIVETIME EDITION ( classic ) mixed by Club Banga MP3

    Club Banga presents GIVE ME THE MUZIK( KWAITO DRIVETIME EDITION ) mixing classic kwaito tracks FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD FREE ...

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  • Old school Kwaito Mix

    Old school Kwaito Mix MP3

    This is my first attempt at mixing Kwaito music, enjoy. The Playlist for the mix: M'du-Siya Jola (Ok'Salayo) Alaska - Accuse Kabelo - Luv me or Leave me Mdu ...

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  • Big Nuz & Tira - Trompie Bus

    Big Nuz & Tira - Trompie Bus MP3

    Tags: Big, Nuz, Tira, Trompie, Bus

  • Copperhead meets Mjokes - Umtwanakhe (official video)

    Copperhead meets Mjokes - Umtwanakhe (official video) MP3

    This is a song by Mjokes (the guy who sang the lyrics to the Sweety Lavo song by trompies).

    Tags: kwaito, mjokes, copperhead, trompies, spikiri, kasi, ekasi, loxion, ndofaya

  • Brickz - Sweety My Baby

    Brickz - Sweety My Baby MP3

    Brickz - Sweety My Baby.
  • LEX LAVO - Apt 13 (Official Video Shot by: FRESHPres)

    LEX LAVO - Apt 13 (Official Video Shot by: FRESHPres) MP3

    DOWNLOAD "APT 13" Now on Soundcloud: Twitter: @LEXLAVO Instagram: @LEXLAVO Shot by: @Freshpres Prod ...

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  • Trompies Ft Brickz  "VOLVO" Official Music Video

    Trompies Ft Brickz "VOLVO" Official Music Video MP3

    Trompies Ft Brickz "VOLVO" Official Music Video.

    Tags: Trompies, VOLVO, Official, Music, Video

  • Trompies - Bengimngaka

    Trompies - Bengimngaka MP3

    The big comeback of 2006 more than a decade in the kwaito game, these guys have been there from the beginning... Killa track this one Ukujaiva!!!

    Tags: Trompies, Bengimngaka, Ukujaiva, Kwaito, Pantsula, South, Africa, Zimbabwe

  • Trompies - Shisa Badakiwe

    Trompies - Shisa Badakiwe MP3

    classic kwaito , Kwaito , Trompies, Spikiri, Shisa Badakiwe.

    Tags: classic kwaito, Kwaito, Trompies, Spikiri, Shisa Badakiwe

  • AB Crazy ft. Trompies "Emoyeni"

    AB Crazy ft. Trompies "Emoyeni" MP3

    AB Crazy ft. Trompies "Emoyeni"

    Tags: AB, Crazy, Trompies, Emoyeni

  • Thathi Sgubhu

    Thathi Sgubhu MP3


    Tags: Thathi, Sgubhu

  • Trompies - Ke Tswa Hole

    Trompies - Ke Tswa Hole MP3

    Trompies kwaito.

    Tags: Kwaito, Trompies, Ke tswa hole, ketswa hole

  • Trompies - Fohloza

    Trompies - Fohloza MP3

    No to size zero women!!! Fohloza,is always the way to go....

    Tags: trompies, fohloza, kwaito, south, africa

  • Trompies - Sigiya Ngengoma

    Trompies - Sigiya Ngengoma MP3

    Trompies - Sigiya Ngengoma.

    Tags: Kwaito, South, Africa, Trompies