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  • 2Pac - Ghost [ORIGINAL]

    2Pac - Ghost [ORIGINAL] MP3

    2Pac - Ghost.

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  • Tupac - Ghost ( With Lyrics )

    Tupac - Ghost ( With Lyrics ) MP3

    The song "Ghost" by Tupac with accurate lyrics.

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  • Tupac - Ghost

    Tupac - Ghost MP3

    Tupac Ghost The only way for me to come back is by Makaveli That's me All these motherfuckers stole from me I'm takin' back what's mine Hahaha You ...

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  • Tupac-ghost (lyrics)

    Tupac-ghost (lyrics) MP3

    Tupac Ghost song. [Tupac - speaking] The only way, for me to come back, is by Makaveli That's it! All these motherfuckers stole from me I'm takin back what's ...

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  • 2Pac - Ghetto Gospel

    2Pac - Ghetto Gospel MP3

    Music video by 2Pac performing Ghetto Gospel. (C) 2005 Interscope Records.

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    Ghetto Gospel


    Uhh, Hit them with a lil' ghetto gospel (Chorus - Elton John:) Those who wish to follow me (My ghetto gospel) I welcome with my hands And the red sun sinks at last into the hills of gold And peace to this young warrior without the sound of guns (2Pac) If I could recollect before my hood days I'd sit and reminisce, Thinkin' of bliss and the go[...]
  • Tupac - Ghost [OG] (Legendado PT-BR)

    Tupac - Ghost [OG] (Legendado PT-BR) MP3

    Tupac - Ghost [OG] (Legendado PT-BR) Versão original da música "ghost" Curta, Compartilhe, espalhe a palavra! Curta também nossa página no Facebook: ...

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  • Tupac - Ghost

    Tupac - Ghost MP3

    Please Subscribe! 2Pac - Ghost New 2014 Edited By Jabaar Twitter.com/napollionaire This Video was made by a YouTube fan in ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA ...

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  • Tupac  -  Ghost (Slow Beat)

    Tupac - Ghost (Slow Beat) MP3

    Tupac Ghost SLOW BEAT [Verse One: 2Pac] Some say I'm crazy, these punk-ass cops can't fade me Mama tried to raise me, but had too many babies Papa was ...

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  • Tupac - Ghost (HD 1080p)

    Tupac - Ghost (HD 1080p) MP3

    Tupac (2pac) - Ghost (HD 1080p) HQ Audio.

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  • Tupac - Ghost (Official video)

    Tupac - Ghost (Official video) MP3

    im not sure about this video it shouldn't be official...any wayz enjoy the beat....TupaC AmAR ShaKuR.... from hiphopsymBoL.

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  • Tupac - Ghost *NEW 2013* (DJCvince)

    Tupac - Ghost *NEW 2013* (DJCvince) MP3

    Please like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/TupacWisdom ''The only way, for me to come back, is by Makaveli That's it! All these motherfuckers stole ...

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  • Tupac & Scarface - Smile

    Tupac & Scarface - Smile MP3

    Music Video.

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  • Tupac-Ghost (Chopped And Screwed HOTTT!!!!! )

    Tupac-Ghost (Chopped And Screwed HOTTT!!!!! ) MP3

    INDOX ME FOR A FREE DJ ACCURATE T-SHIRT Twitter:djaccurate Myspace:Dj Accurate Ustream:dj accurate Tupac Ghost chopped and throwed.

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  • tupac - ghost - backwards message backmasking @ 8 seconds

    tupac - ghost - backwards message backmasking @ 8 seconds MP3

    this is ghost played backwards did tupac use backmasking???? when played backwards tupac says, "yea im chillin with haze" at 8 seconds, what do you think?

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  • Tupac Hologram Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre Perform Coachella Live 2012

    Tupac Hologram Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre Perform Coachella Live 2012 MP3

    Snoop Dogg and 2pac perform at Coachella 2012 with Dr. Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Tony Yayo etc.. for more info Subscribe To ...

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  • Tupac - Ghost [Legendado] [PT-BR]

    Tupac - Ghost [Legendado] [PT-BR] MP3

    Album : Resurrection [soundtrack] Faixa : 2 Data e Ano de Lançamento : 11 de Novembro de 2003.

    Tags: 2Pac, Ghost, Legendado, Tupac Shakur, Ghostface Killah, Ghost (1984 Band), Rap, Snoop, Dogg, Ghosts, Feat, Big, Bone, Remix, Rap Music, Scary, Hiphop, Haunted, Notorious, Tape, Thugs, Caught, Eminem, Real, Harmony, Spirit, Spirits, Hunters, Halloween, Activity, Cent, Spooky, Supernatural, Creepy, Ice, Demons, Ghostbusters, Eazy, Mansion, Evil, Caught Tape, Life, Strange, Nate, Cube, Hunting, Duct, Mystery, Ufo, Footage, Mysteries, Myth

  • 2Pac- All Eyez On Me (Full 2CD Album)

    2Pac- All Eyez On Me (Full 2CD Album) MP3

    2Pac's All Eyez On Me album. Tracklist: CD1 1. Ambitionz Az A Ridah 2. All Bout U (Feat Dru Down, Hussein Fatal, Yaki Kadafi, Nate Dogg & Snoop Doggy ...

    Tags: Tupac Shakur, All Eyez On Me (Musical Album), 2Pac, Nate Dogg (Musical Artist), Tha Dogg Pound (Musical Artist), Snoop Dogg (Music Video Performer), Dr Dre, Redman (Musical Artist), Method Man (Musical Artist), Outlawz (Musical Artist), C-BO (Musical Artist), Danny Boy (Musical Artist), George Clinton (Musical Artist), Jewell Caples (Composer), Big Syke (Musical Artist), E-40 (Composer)

  • Tupac - Resurrection

    Tupac - Resurrection MP3

    Tupac: Resurrection was released by Amaru Entertainment as the soundtrack for the 2003 documentary, Academy Award nominated Tupac: Resurrection.

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  • Tupac - Ghost

    Tupac - Ghost MP3

    Even better than the last one! Tupac - Ghost! Enjoy! Suggestions? Email me at [email protected] 2PAC FT AKON & MELLISA YALLI NASINI ...

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  • 2Pac - Dear Mama

    2Pac - Dear Mama MP3

    March 14, 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of 2Pac's album 'Me Against The World' featuring “Dear Mama” Get the album on iTunes ...

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    Dear Mama


    You are appreciated. When I was young me and my mama had beef 17 years old kicked out on the streets Though back at the time I never thought I'd see her face Ain't a woman alive that could take my mama's place Suspended from school, scared to go home I was a fool with the big boys, breakin' all the rules Shed tears with my baby sister Over the years we was poorer than the other little kids And even though we had different daddies The same drama, when things went wrong we blamed mama I remi[...]