Vampire Lullaby

  • A Vampire

    A Vampire's Lullaby - NightCore MP3

    The original Version here:

    Tags: A, Vampire, Lullaby, NightCore

  • A Vampire

    A Vampire's Lullaby Music Box MP3

    A Vampire's Lullaby Music Box version, enjoy!

    Tags: Vampire (Character Species), Music (TV Genre), lullaby, blood, knight, dark, sad, Box

  • A Vampire

    A Vampire's Lullaby - Synthesia piano roll and midi MP3

    This is not an official piano score, simply shows the way I play this song. May require big hands... MIDI file here: ...

    Tags: anna, seed, gundam, suit, mobile, vampire, lullaby, synthesia, piano, roll, midi, tutorial, scarcitude, ciro, issho, datta

  • A Vampire

    A Vampire's Lullaby - Nightcore MP3


    Tags: Vampire, Nightcore, Anime, Blood

  • A Vampire

    A Vampire's Lullaby - Cover MP3

    A Vampire's Lullaby live piano/keyboard cover with Korg Kronos and Roland BK7m Sorry, did it by ear and don't have any sheet music for it. See my channel for ...

    Tags: anna, seed, gundam, mobile suit, vampire, lullaby, piano, cover, piano cover, korg kronos, korg, kronos, live, instrumental, anime, song, theme, Roland, bk-7m, scarcitude, ciro

  • Secret Garden- Aquarell~ A vampire lullaby

    Secret Garden- Aquarell~ A vampire lullaby MP3

    READ FIRST!!! I made this video to make a lullaby for the fantasy/mystical world out there ( you know the ones that we see in movies, like Lord of the rings, ...
  • vampire

    vampire's lullaby MP3

    this is a lullaby i fond on youtube but i forgot who wrote it i love t so mutch i lisen to it on my ipod before i go to bed but i dont own the song.

    Tags: vampire, lullaby

  • Vampire Lullaby

    Vampire Lullaby MP3

    Just some beautiful pictures I found set to beautiful music. Vampire style. Some Twilight, but only a bit. Mainly for dark creatures of the night. Songs: "Prelude ...

    Tags: EvilRubyRedRaven, EvilPictures, Prelude, 1221, 12, 21, Afi, River, Flows, In, You, Yiruma, Twilight, Vampires, Vampyres, Edward, Bella, Lullaby, Vampire, art, Vampyre, piano, Victoria, Frances, love, melody, beautiful, Stephanie, Meyer

  • nightcore  a vampire lullaby

    nightcore a vampire lullaby MP3


    Tags: Vampire (Mythical Creature), music, remix, nightcore

  • Vampire Lullaby

    Vampire Lullaby MP3

    This is a song I put together on Magix. Separate music files came with it. I altered and combined the ones I like and I wrote the lyrics. Let me know what you think ...

    Tags: Vampire, new, avril, taylor, cyrus

  • Beautiful Dark Piano - Vampire Lullaby (royalty free music)

    Beautiful Dark Piano - Vampire Lullaby (royalty free music) MP3

    Beautiful Dark Piano - Vampire Lullaby Use my music in your YouTube videos! Bandcamp ...

    Tags: ending, beginning, music, for, videos, video, promo, trailer, background, cinematic, media, presentation, montage, tv, commercial, best, corp, emotional, dramatic, elegant, soft, bright, dark, corporate, business, success, slideshow, horror, thriller, halloween, scary, haunting, lullaby, piano, gentle, grand piano, inspirational, inspirational piano, inspire, inspired, inspiring, lovely, religious, romantic, simple, slide show, advertisement, minimal, ghost, murder

  • Mordred

    Mordred's Lullaby- Lyrics MP3

    EDIT 2: I stopped the option of giving a reaction. Sorry or the people who enjoy the song. Me and Heather Dale are really appreciating your support. But my ...

    Tags: lullaby, lyrics

  • A Vampire Lullaby

    A Vampire Lullaby MP3

    "Audio Philip McDonald" "Camera Keith & Judi McDonald." A holiday fun project in Medan France 2014.

    Tags: Keith McDonald, Vampire (Character Species), Popular Culture (Media Genre), Bats (Film), Alternative Rock (Musical Genre), Folk Rock (Musical Genre), Gordon Lightfoot (Musical Artist)

  • Vampire Lullaby ♥

    Vampire Lullaby ♥ MP3

    This is a remake of my previous VampireKnight AMV and it was made for Project Sakura amv contest - part of Otaku festival 3. ( 9-10 may 2009, Bucharest, ...

    Tags: Vampire, Knight, Guilty, AMV, Otaku, Festival, project, sakura

  • Magicka - Lullaby for a Vampire

    Magicka - Lullaby for a Vampire MP3

    Magicka were proud to contribute this song to Nemi - The Soundtrack, for their favourite comic book heroine, Nemi. From 2001. Lyrics: Hush now my little one, ...

    Tags: Magicka, Nemi, goth, gothic, ambient, industrial, Norwegian

  • nightcore  vampire

    nightcore vampire's lullaby MP3

    i do not own the music and the picture enjoy the song :)

    Tags: nightcore, lullaby