Velonica Bass Cover

  • Velonica (Aqua Timez bass cover)

    Velonica (Aqua Timez bass cover) MP3

    A bass cover of this song which is also the 10th opening from Bleach anime.

    Tags: Velonica, Aqua, Timez, zer0, electric, bass, Bleach, 10th, opening, japanese, anime, manga

  • Aqua Timez- Velonica Bass Cover

    Aqua Timez- Velonica Bass Cover MP3

    I heard this song used as an opening theme on Bleach (Hey, I watch a lot of Adult Swim) and really dug the bass line. Fun song to play for sure. I think their ...

    Tags: Bleach, Bass, Cover, opening theme, spector, spector legend classic 5, Aqua Timez, Velonica

  • Aqua Timez(Bleach Op) - Velonica (Bass)

    Aqua Timez(Bleach Op) - Velonica (Bass) MP3

    I wanted to redo this song without the pick because it sounds soooo much better without it, no lie.

    Tags: Bleach (Comic Book Series), Aqua Timez (Musical Group), Anime (TV Genre), opening theme, theme song, bass cover, Bass Guitar (Musical Instrument), Cover Version (Literature Subject), Theme, Song, Opening

  • Velonica - Bleach OP.9 (Aqua Timez bass cover)

    Velonica - Bleach OP.9 (Aqua Timez bass cover) MP3

    Cover di un opening dell' anime BLEACH. Spero apprezziate xD ARIGATOU Tutti i diritti sono riservati ai rispettivi proprietari. Check me on Facebook: ...

    Tags: Bleach (manga), Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Bleach, Manga (Literary Genre), Anime, Soul, Opening, Cover, Hollow, Eater, Ending, Bleach Amv, Bleach (Japanese Band), Naruto, Soul Eater, Bleach Opening, Bleach Episode, Acoustic Cover, Soul Eater (novel), Tribute, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Cover, Christian, Cosentino, Christian Cosentino, Yumi, Yumi Kiamu Christian, soul society, giappone, music man stingray, cover, cartoni animati, 2012, Bass (instrument), Aqua timez, Velonica, OST

  • AquatimezのVelonicaを弾いてみた (bass)

    AquatimezのVelonicaを弾いてみた (bass) MP3

    リクエストをいただいたので、 初めてのAquatimezをカバーしました! 前々からベーシストのOKP-STARさんの弾き方・演奏力には圧倒されてて難易度も...

    Tags: Aquatimez, bass, BASS, Bass, Velonica

  • ALL BLEACH OPENINGS (ブリーチ全オープニング)

    ALL BLEACH OPENINGS (ブリーチ全オープニング) MP3

    Leave a comment and SUBSCRIBE! \m/^_^\m/ To get the mp3, backingtrack and more go to: All my covers and original songs on ...

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  • Aqua Timez - ALONES :: Bass Vocal Tab

    Aqua Timez - ALONES :: Bass Vocal Tab MP3

    The tempo is different from the original.. OST Bleach.. GP5, PDF, MIDI: or ...

    Tags: Cover, Aqua Timez (Musical Group), Bleach

  • Aqua Timez - Velonica (Bleach OP)

    Aqua Timez - Velonica (Bleach OP) MP3

    My bass cover of Velonica by Aqua Timez from Bleach :) Click here for better video!

    Tags: Bleach (Comic Book Series), anime, bass cover, velonica, Cover, Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Bass (Ingredient), Aqua Timez (Musical Group), Opening

  • Bass Cover: War Pigs - Black Sabbath

    Bass Cover: War Pigs - Black Sabbath MP3

    No multiple angles this time, sorry. One of my favorite Black Sabbath songs. I hope you enjoy.

    Tags: Bass, Bass Cover, Cover, Black Sabbath, War Pigs, Geezer Butler, Music, Metal, Heavy Metal (Musical Genre), Ozzy Osbourne (Musical Artist), Bass Guitar (Musical Instrument)

  • Velonica - Aqua Timez Bass By Pete

    Velonica - Aqua Timez Bass By Pete MP3

    ครูอนุบาล นักเรียนชอบเพลงนี้มาก ฟังแล้วปวดหัวจัง.
  • VELONICA live at urga, November 15,2014,

    VELONICA live at urga, November 15,2014, MP3


    Tags: Noise Music (Musical Genre), Grindcore (Musical Genre)

  • velonica live 2010年10月24日武蔵境statto

    velonica live 2010年10月24日武蔵境statto MP3

    2010年10月24日 武蔵境stattoでの「velonica」 live映像です。撮影 かとちん喜三郎 (肉 ミート・ザ・マム のbass vocul)ありがとう! 「velonica」のliveメ...

    Tags: noise, grindcore, hardcore, rock, blast, nemo, spiral, sine, violence, metal, new wave, thrash metal, rock music, live music, heavy metal, fps, live concert, rap, television series