Velonica Lyrics English

  • Bleach- "Rolling Star" English

    Bleach- "Rolling Star" English MP3

    Lyrics by Zoozbuh! Mix by Merr! So sorry that isn't included in the still image! Happy Halloween everybody!

    Tags: Rolling Star, bleach, yui, english dub, anime, cristina vee

  • Tier Harribel - Velonica (lyrics & translation, slovenský preklad)

    Tier Harribel - Velonica (lyrics & translation, slovenský preklad) MP3

    I think that Velonica is Veronica, they only changed letters to make it more interesting or something :D Bleach Concept Covers 2 Tier Harribel (Megumi Ogata) ...

    Tags: Bleach, Concept, Covers, Tier, Harribel, Megumi, Ogata, Velonica

  • BLEACH OP 6 - Alones (English Cover)

    BLEACH OP 6 - Alones (English Cover) MP3

    This one has been a LONG time coming. I finally got motivated and actually did it. Chose this pic because I thought it suited the song- Kon was in the original ...

    Tags: bleach, opening 6, alones, aqua, timez, english, dub, anime, music

  • BLEACH "Velonica" (Español)

    BLEACH "Velonica" (Español) MP3

    Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Espero que les guste mi ...

    Tags: Bleach, velonica, aqua, timez, Omar, caban, pla, yurifox1, music, anime, hollow, opening, bleach amv, ichigo, soul, society, getsuga, tenshou, eater, ending, naruto, soul eater, bleach opening, bleach episode, videoclip, memories, tribute, live show, samba, inoue, banda, beta, nobody, bleach part

  • Flusay Girls : 幸せ気持 / 2smile  (instrumental and dance)

    Flusay Girls : 幸せ気持 / 2smile (instrumental and dance) MP3

    Tags: flusay, girls, shiawase, kimochi, happy, feeling, jpop, dance, easy, cute, flugel, velonica, uxi, lindsay, original, music, learn, choreography, japanese

  • Velonica feat. Kiyoteru Hiyama

    Velonica feat. Kiyoteru Hiyama MP3

    無断転載はご遠慮ください。 Warning: Unauthorized reproduction of this movie is prohibited. lyric: yuki music: Re:nG guitar: prkr illustration: 都.

    Tags: Vocaloid (Software Genre), VOCAROCK

  • BleachOpAquaTimez-Velonica-Lyrics

    BleachOpAquaTimez-Velonica-Lyrics MP3

    Same song but with lyrics.

    Tags: BleachOpAquaTimez, Velonica, Lyrics

  • Death Note Opening 1 (the World) FULL ENGLISH COVER by Jonathan Young

    Death Note Opening 1 (the World) FULL ENGLISH COVER by Jonathan Young MP3

    Jonathan Young's english cover version of Death Note Opening 1, "The World" DOWNLOAD NOW: ▻iTunes ▻Amazon ...

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  • Veronica Vega - Wicked ft. Pitbull

    Veronica Vega - Wicked ft. Pitbull MP3

    Official music video by Veronica Vega performing Wicked ft. Pitbull. 2013 Zone 4, Inc.

    Tags: Veronica, Vega, Wicked, Zone, rap, hiphop, hip-hop, hip, hop, latin, dance, spanish, miami, Pitbull, Veronica Vega Wicked, official, music, video, official music video, wicked, vega

  • Bleach Opening 9 "Velonica" Fandub Latino By Doble cero "KARAOKE"

    Bleach Opening 9 "Velonica" Fandub Latino By Doble cero "KARAOKE" MP3

    Opening 9 de bleach en español latino hecho por doble cero: Suscribance a su canal: Editado por mi JRLEOX ...

    Tags: Karaoke, cancion, Anime, Cover

  • 幸せ気持 / 2smile (CM ver.)

    幸せ気持 / 2smile (CM ver.) MP3

    Tags: CM, music, japan, pv, universalmusicotona, kiseki

  • 幸せ気持 (sing-along) - 2smile

    幸せ気持 (sing-along) - 2smile MP3

    Tags: flusay, girls, jpop, sing, along, lyrics, romanji, mv, pv, 2smile, flugelmations, purinboshi, nico, douga, music, kareoke



    Do you know how hard it is to find a damn instrumental for this song? DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO HARMONIZE WHILE RAPPING? But yeah, I'm still ...

    Tags: Velonica, Bleach (Comic Book Series)

  • Bleach Opening 12_chAngE-Miwa

    Bleach Opening 12_chAngE-Miwa MP3 chAngE-Miwa Download Song

    Tags: Wind, Color, Anime, Introduction, Color (band), Color (medieval Music), Change, Flying, Kite, chAngE-Miwa, chAngE, Miwa, Lyfe Change (Musical Album), Flying (Bryan Adams Song), Colors, Changing, Wings, Colour, animation, Guard, Earth, Dust, Change (band), Colours, Living, Changes, Tunnel, Surf, Windsurf, Colour (album), Windsurfing, Fire, Wings (band), Change World, Winter, Kites

  • ALL BLEACH OPENINGS (ブリーチ全オープニング)

    ALL BLEACH OPENINGS (ブリーチ全オープニング) MP3

    Leave a comment and SUBSCRIBE! \m/^_^\m/ To get the mp3, backingtrack and more go to: All my covers and original songs on ...

    Tags: bleach, all bleach openings, opening, openings, op, ed, endings, eds, ops, opening 1, opening 2, opening 3, opening 4, opening 5, opening 6, opening 7, opening 8, opening 9, opening 10, opening 11, opening 12, opening 13, opening 14, opening 15, orange range, uverworld, high and mighty color, beat crusaders, YUI, aqua timez, alones, asian kung-fu generation, kelun, SCANDAL, SID, porno graffitti, miwa, ViVid, ranbu no melody

  • Nightcore - Velonica

    Nightcore - Velonica MP3

    Nightcore Velonica.

    Tags: Nightcore

  • Niji (Gokusen) English fandub

    Niji (Gokusen) English fandub MP3

    I apologize for having to drop this song by a half step but it seems like all of Aqua Timez's music is bathed in copyright, so I guess I'll have to do this again when I ...

    Tags: Gokusen (Comic Book Series), Aqua Timez, Niji, Rainbow, Comedy-drama (TV Genre), Fandub

  • Velonica/ハリベル

    Velonica/ハリベル MP3

    BLEACH ブリコン2 Track09. Velonica/ 緒方恵美 as ティア・ハリベル.

    Tags: BLEACH, Velonica

  • Tier Harribel - Velonica  (Bleach Concept Covers 2)

    Tier Harribel - Velonica (Bleach Concept Covers 2) MP3

    Support the official release by purchasing the album here* Track 9 from the second ...

    Tags: Bleach OP 9, Bleach Concept Covers, Bleach Concept Covers 2, Bleach, Velonica, Bleach Velonica, Tier Harribel, Harribel Velonica, Harrible Bleach Concept Covers, Tite Kubo, KisukeUraharaAnime, Megumi Ogata