Voice Of Parrot

  • indian parrot different voices

    indian parrot different voices MP3

    indian parrot(mitthu) different voices.

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    Mithu Parrot Talking And Saying "Mian Mithu Hai" and "Mian Mithu Sona Hai" etc......
  • parrots chirping !

    parrots chirping ! MP3

    parrots chirping lovely parrots facebook link https://www.facebook.com/Rangoli.in.

    Tags: parrots, chirping, birds, Parrot (Organism Classification)

  • Indian Parrot Real Voice:-This Parrot Talk Like Human Being

    Indian Parrot Real Voice:-This Parrot Talk Like Human Being MP3

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  • doorbell voice by parrot.flv

    doorbell voice by parrot.flv MP3

    Parrot imitates doorbell voice.

    Tags: parrot, talking, Birds, Bird

  • Kiwi Power No.27 - English Accent African Grey Parrot. Amazing voice! Move over Einstein!

    Kiwi Power No.27 - English Accent African Grey Parrot. Amazing voice! Move over Einstein! MP3

    A rough guide to Kiwi speak, with repeated phrases left out: PLAY IT LOUD! [running water][dog barking] Hello baby, we wish ... [Door knock] [Kiss] How much is ...

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  • Five different parrots saying "Mitto",Parrot personalties.

    Five different parrots saying "Mitto",Parrot personalties. MP3

    Five different talking ring-neck parrots saying mitto each parrot talks with its own personalty this video is compilation of five parrots let see which one you like ...

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  • parrot baby voice

    parrot baby voice MP3

    small parrot baby voice of 2 month.
  • Parrots in India

    Parrots in India MP3

    Million Parrots in india Like a Family..... Millions of Parrots come and eat Food Daily Like a Family Member..... Must Watch it is Incredible.....

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  • Austrailian Parrot sound (chirping)

    Austrailian Parrot sound (chirping) MP3

    I got him from my aviary outside my house. I liked him and want him to teach him how to talk. I hope i get successful. My sister named him Kevin because she is a ...

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  • The singing green parrot!

    The singing green parrot! MP3

    I was sleeping when suddenly a parrot started singing yelling idk what ever lol thats was fun when i was recording he is green :P      U can also join psp-go.tk :D.

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  • Sammy-The talking Indian Ring-neck parrot

    Sammy-The talking Indian Ring-neck parrot MP3

    Sammy is a sweet Indian ring-neck parrot.He can speak some words and am trying to teach him more words. Ring-neck parakeets are very good at learning ...

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  • Special parrot voice video in pakistan

    Special parrot voice video in pakistan MP3

    Special parrot voice video in pakistan Special parrot voice video in pakistan Keep watching this video for more intresting vidoes.

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  • The Homeless Parrot with a Golden Voice

    The Homeless Parrot with a Golden Voice MP3

    I really wanted to adopt this parrot, I tried to get it inside the house, I tried to lure it with parrot food but that leaf was much more interesting than me. He was very ...

    Tags: Homeless, parrot

  • Parrot make some funny voices XD

    Parrot make some funny voices XD MP3

    XDDD This parrot is special he can make funny voices. He make animal voices. Please dont forget to comment please :)

    Tags: Parrot, Funny, Voice, XD, Video

  • speaking india parrot

    speaking india parrot MP3

    speaking indian parrot.

    Tags: speaking, indian, parrot

  • Parrot calls for help in

    Parrot calls for help in 'woman's voice' during house fire MP3

    Firefighters in Idaho heard the screams coming from inside a burning house, but couldn't locate the woman making them. Turns out, it was the homeowner's pet ...

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  • Talking Parrot beautiful  voice

    Talking Parrot beautiful voice MP3

    TALKING PARROT (BEAUTIFUL VOICE) check my other video and also do like share and subscribe......:D.

    Tags: TALKING PARROT (BEAUTIFUL VOICE), Talking Parrot, BEAUTIFUL VOICE, Parrot, talking animals

  • Amazing Pakistani Ringneck talking parrot

    Amazing Pakistani Ringneck talking parrot MP3

    Amazing Pakistani Ringneck talking parrot.

    Tags: Amazing, Pakistani, Ringneck, talking, parrot