W Inds Ameato




    Tags: pop

  • W- inds Ameato(Fem Version)

    W- inds Ameato(Fem Version) MP3

    I got bored and decided to do a fem version of this song using Audacity. This video is non-profit like,comment and subscribe.
  • W-inds - Ame ato (Female version)

    W-inds - Ame ato (Female version) MP3

    Tags: Ame, ato

  • アメあと(ameato) - w-inds

    アメあと(ameato) - w-inds MP3

    Covered the chorus of w-inds' ameato. one of my favourtie song from them. Do comment. Thanks!

    Tags: w-inds, keita, tachibana, ryuichi, ryohei, ameato, ame, ato, singing, fan, quek, singyi

  • Nightcore - Ameato

    Nightcore - Ameato MP3

    Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn Ending 7~ Hey guys! Just woke up so going back to sleep again for a short while later, than maybe going to upload more songs.

    Tags: W-inds, Ameato, Nightcore, Remix, Katekyoushi, Katekyo, Hitman, Reborn, Vocal, Manga, Anime, Song, Music, Ending

  • Nightcore - Ameato (Lower Pitched Male Vocal)

    Nightcore - Ameato (Lower Pitched Male Vocal) MP3

    Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn Ending 7~ Hey guys! I wanted to try something different, so instead of turning a male vocal into a female vocal, i turned the male ...

    Tags: Katekyoushi, Hitman, Reborn, Katekyo, Anime, Manga, Song, Music, Ameato, Ending, Nightcore, Remix, Lower, Pitched, Male, Vocal, W-inds