Waldeck Mp3

  • Waldeck - Addicted

    Waldeck - Addicted MP3

    From his 2007 LP called Ballroom Stories. . +++ This was the first time I heard ZeeBee sing, her new album Be My Sailor is quite nice. Any time I try to get ...

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  • superpopstar waldeck

    superpopstar waldeck MP3

    of their album balance of th force relase in 1998.

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  • Waldeck - Memories (Lyrics)

    Waldeck - Memories (Lyrics) MP3

    Klaus Waldeck, usually known by his stage name of Waldeck, is a Viennese former copyright lawyer and electronica musician. Sometimes described as trip-hop, ...


  • Waldeck  - Dreaming

    Waldeck - Dreaming MP3

    Label: Guidance Recordings Released: 1998 http://www.discogs.com/Various-Hi-Fid... I do not own this song nor the image featured in the video. All rights ...

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  • Waldeck - Get up Carmen

    Waldeck - Get up Carmen MP3

    Photography - Jaime Ibarra.

    Tags: Klaus Waldeck (Musical Artist), Get Up Carmen (Musical Recording), Waldeck, Get up Carmen, Jaime Ibarra, Trip hop, Electronica

  • Waldeck - Moon

    Waldeck - Moon MP3

    From the album "Balance of the Force" Klaus Waldeck is a Viennese former copyright lawyer and electronica musician.

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  • Cut More Cheese - Waldeck

    Cut More Cheese - Waldeck MP3

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  • Waldeck - Make My Day

    Waldeck - Make My Day MP3

    Waldeck - Make My Day, brilliant as always! Track is from their album Balroom Stories... One more album that is a must!

    Tags: waldeck, make, my, day, electronica, lounge, chill, chillout, low, fi, relax, ambient, ballrom, stories, kruder, richard, dorfmeister, memories

  • Waldeck - Dope Noir

    Waldeck - Dope Noir MP3

    Waldeck - Ballroom Stories - Dope Noir.

    Tags: Waldeck, Klaus, Ballroom, Stories, Dope, Noir, jazz, electronic, beat, acid, nu-jazz, lo-fi, lounge

  • Waldeck - Get Up Carmen

    Waldeck - Get Up Carmen MP3

    Waldeck - Get Up Carmen / Second famous single from Waldeck. After "Memories", this single is example how low fi track should sound... Perfect!

    Tags: Waldeck, Get Up Carmen, Memories, Downtempo, Lo Fi, Chill, Chillout, Ambient, Relax, Afternoon, London, Lounge

  • waldeck-make my day

    waldeck-make my day MP3


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  • Waldeck ღ  Waiting

    Waldeck ღ Waiting MP3

    Waldeck ღ Waiting Куда все ушло? В ожидании света... Названия улиц превращаются в пятно... Замороженные тени вокруг...

    Tags: Waldeck, Waiting, lena Ohot

  • WALDECK - Children of the Ghetto

    WALDECK - Children of the Ghetto MP3

    album Balance of the force.

    Tags: waldeck, balance, force, children, ghetto

  • Waldeck-Defenceless

    Waldeck-Defenceless MP3

    Album: Abductions And Reconstructions, 1999.Down Tempo.

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  • Make My Day - Waldeck (with lyric)

    Make My Day - Waldeck (with lyric) MP3

    Music: Make My Day - Waldeck (Subtitle/Lyric) Movie: Frances Ha (USA 2012) Director: Noah Baumbach.

    Tags: Make My Day, Waldeck, Frances Ha, Baumbach, Greta Gerwig, Lyrics, You, Song, Feel, Music, Movie

  • Waldeck - Make my day

    Waldeck - Make my day MP3

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  • Waldeck - Mask (original)

    Waldeck - Mask (original) MP3

    Album: Northern Lights; Released: 1996; Genre: Electronic; Style: Downtempo.

    Tags: Waldeck, Mask, original

  • Waldeck  So Black & Blue

    Waldeck So Black & Blue MP3

    "Why do I feel so black and blue When all I did was loving you Why on earth can't stand the pain Why did you do that thing again"

    Tags: Klaus, Waldeck, So, Black, Blue, electronic, downtempo, trip, hop, Ballroom, Stories

  • Waldeck -  Death Of A Piano Salesman

    Waldeck - Death Of A Piano Salesman MP3

    1998 - Balance Of The Force.

    Tags: Movie

  • Waldeck - Aquarius (Underwater)

    Waldeck - Aquarius (Underwater) MP3

    dubkulture Waldeck Aquarius (Underwater) Northern Lights.

    Tags: dub, smoke, liquid, dope, waldeck, trip, hop