Weapon M4sonic

  • M4SONIC - Weapon (Live Launchpad Mashup)

    M4SONIC - Weapon (Live Launchpad Mashup) MP3

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/M4SONIC Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/m4/1355943 iTunes: http://smarturl.it/M4EP Twitter: ...

    Tags: Mashup (music), Korn, Party, M4SONIC, Sessions, Live Music, User1, Music, Ableton, Performance, Electronic, Ableton Live, Skrillex, Freestyle, Launchpad, Deadmau5, M4s0n1c, Music (Industry), Albeton, Porter, Knife, Ableton Live Software, Novation Focusrite, Nero, Remix, Electronica, Live, Experimental, Robinson, Novation

  • M4SONIC - Weapon

    M4SONIC - Weapon MP3

    Free Download https://www.hive.co/l/kje9 (Live Launchpad Mashup : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vC5TsSyNjU ▻Active Melody ...

    Tags: M4SONIC, Weapon, Electro Music TV

  • M4SONIC - Weapon 10 HOURS

    M4SONIC - Weapon 10 HOURS MP3

    Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vC5TsSyNjU Request your video here: http://goo.gl/forms/QTpi1a0Agw Suggested by: GamerAlex_CZ ...

    Tags: Mashup (Media Genre), Weapon (Interest), Alternative Hip Hop (Musical Genre), Remix, After, Before, School, Day, Mix, Nightmare, Christmas, Hours, Dark, Storm, Midnight

  • M4SONIC - Weapon 2.0 (LevelUp Cover)

    M4SONIC - Weapon 2.0 (LevelUp Cover) MP3

    Hei! Here I am with the most difficult cover I've ever made!! Time for M4SONIC again! This is a new version of Weapon! It's Weapon 2.0. I've used my old Weapon ...

    Tags: LevelUp, LevelUpLaunchpad, levelup, leveluplaunchpad, level, up, launchpad, m4sonic, weapon, live, session, ableton, novation, midiware, 5style, video, music, dubstep, cover, skrillex, porter, robinson, knife, party, deadmau5

  • M4SONIC - Weapon 2.0

    M4SONIC - Weapon 2.0 MP3

    M4SONIC doesn't just push buttons, he completely freaking' demolishes them. After reading the now-infamous interview with Deadmau5 "We All Hit Play," the ...

    Tags: m4sonic, ableton, ultramusic, ultra, launchpad, original mix, Novation, Dance, Weapon (Interest), Electro, Electro (Musical Genre), Electro (Comic Book Character), Mix, Electronic, Techno, Original, Remix, Trance, Minimal, Electronica, Trance Music (Musical Genre), Minimal Techno (Musical Genre), Deep, Experimental, Ambient, Sound, Noise, Chill, Roland, Industrial, Lounge, Midi, Keyboard, Audio, Records, Garde, Analog Science Fiction And Fact (Publication), Psychedelic, Instrumental, Beats, Ableton Live (Software)

  • [Dubstep] M4SONIC - Weapon

    [Dubstep] M4SONIC - Weapon MP3

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Welikernb Einfach anhören und davon mitreißen lassen!

    Tags: Dubstep, Music, New, Bass, Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), WeLikeRnB, House, RnB, House Music (Musical Genre), New (song)

  • M4SONIC - Chaos (Official Video)

    M4SONIC - Chaos (Official Video) MP3

    M4SONIC - Chaos Available now on the M4 EP! iTunes: http://smarturl.it/M4EP Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/m4/1355943 For more songs like ...

    Tags: ultra records, ultra music, ultrarecords, ultramusic, house, trance, progressive, electro, pop, vocal, dub step, music video, music, videos, premiere, new, artist, Official, Dance, M4SONIC, Chaos

  • M4sonic - Weapon (Gryphin Launchpad Remix)

    M4sonic - Weapon (Gryphin Launchpad Remix) MP3

    Hope you guys like this one! Check these links out and follow me if you'd like, I have a lot more content coming up and following would keep you guys in the loop ...

    Tags: m4sonic, launchpad, Gryphin, Weapon, edm, remix

  • Skrillex (M4Sonic Remix - Weapons)

    Skrillex (M4Sonic Remix - Weapons) MP3

    skrillex (remix by M4Sonic)

    Tags: Skrillex, Dubstep, Music, Remix, New, Untitled, M4Sonic, Weapons

  • M4Sonic - Weapon [8 String Guitar Cover]

    M4Sonic - Weapon [8 String Guitar Cover] MP3

    This song is great and I really like, that the producer of this song played it on a launchpad, so that learning Electronic music can be difficult too because of ...
  • Nightcore - Weapon (M4SONIC/Lyrics)

    Nightcore - Weapon (M4SONIC/Lyrics) MP3

  • M4SONIC -  Weapon

    M4SONIC - Weapon MP3



    i use M4SONIC - WEAPON song and i add guitar. Email : [email protected] Twitter : https://twitter.com/gani_hello Facebook ...

    Tags: Guitar (Musical Instrument)

  • [LAUNCHPAD COVER] "Weapon" Remake

    [LAUNCHPAD COVER] "Weapon" Remake MP3

    I have recreated the famous "Weapon" project. It took me several months to create. Special thanks to Launchpad-Pro forum for their tips and half-made projects.

    Tags: weapon, m4sonic, remake, ableton, launchpad, novation

  • [PROJECT TUTORIAL] How To Play "Weapon"

    [PROJECT TUTORIAL] How To Play "Weapon" MP3

    Warning: This tutorial is horrible.

    Tags: m4sonic, novation, launchpad, weapon, remake

  • M4SONIC - Weapon remake (live launchpad)

    M4SONIC - Weapon remake (live launchpad) MP3

    Subscribe for more.

    Tags: M4sonic, Dubstep, Weapon, Launchpad

  • M4sonic - Weapon short cover with Dubstep Pad S

    M4sonic - Weapon short cover with Dubstep Pad S MP3

    Sorry for the sound quality, bad rec mic. This is a very short demonstration of Dubstep Pad S app. It's a very short cover of m4sonic weapon. The app can be ...

    Tags: M4SONIC - Weapon, m4sonic - weapon, M4SOONIC, weapon, dubstep, skrillex, m4sonic - virus, m4, M4, launchpad, mashup, M4SONIC, dubstep pad s, dubstep pad, Dubstep Pad S, M4 x SOL, Remix, Mashup (Media Genre), Bass, Drum And Bass (Musical Genre)

  • 【AMV】No Time To Explain  , Let

    【AMV】No Time To Explain , Let's Party ( M4SONIC - Weapon ) MP3

    Yes i get inspired for Baka Oppai ;3 All Kinds Of Music For All Kinds Of People ♪♪ Subscribe For Moar Awesome Music ▽ http://goo.gl/JorsLN AMV By Shiro ...

    Tags: Electronic, Music, Dance, EDM, Shiro, Dubstep, MrSuicideSheep, amv, Anime Music Video, Dance Music (Musical Genre), Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, M4SONIC, Weapon, attack on titan, hunter x hunter, Anime amv, dragon ball z amv, naruto vs pain, baka oppai, anime mix amv, anime mashup, edm mashup, naruto amv, full metal alchemist, lovelab amv, Plastic memories amv, plastic memories, Sankarea, Music Video (TV Genre), Dragon Ball (Comic Book Series), Funny

  • M4SONIC - Virus (Live Launchpad Original)

    M4SONIC - Virus (Live Launchpad Original) MP3

    M4SONIC - Virus Available now on the M4 EP! Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/m4/1355943 iTunes: http://smarturl.it/M4EP Check out M4SONIC latest ...

    Tags: M4SONIC, Sessions, User1, Music, Virus, Ableton, Performance, Electronic, ableton live, Launchpad, Deadmau5, M4s0n1c, HD, Albeton, Live Music, Ableton Live Software, novation focusrite, Skrillex, Electronica, Live, Experimental, Novation

  • M4SONIC - Weapon  (corrected lyrics)

    M4SONIC - Weapon (corrected lyrics) MP3

    Tags: m4sonic, weapon, M4SONIC, lyrics, corrected, dubstep, svarnassis98, svarnassis, m4sonic - weapon, M4SONIC - WEAPON