Wordgirl Theme Song

  • WORDGIRL | WordGirl Theme Song | PBS KIDS

    WORDGIRL | WordGirl Theme Song | PBS KIDS MP3

    WordGirl is an animated series that follows the every day life and superhero adventures of “WordGirl” as she fights crime and enriches vocabulary usage, all in a ...

    Tags: Language, WordGirl, Captain Huggy Face, Becky Botsford, Girl, education, super hero, Literacy, Word, Monkey, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, PBS KIDS, sidekick, Theme, Song

  • Word Girl Opening (Better Quality)

    Word Girl Opening (Better Quality) MP3

    Cool show!

    Tags: wordgirl

  • WordGirl Theme Song Reversed

    WordGirl Theme Song Reversed MP3

    It's funny to watch the theme reversed... looks like WordGirl turns back into Becky and freaks out when seeing robots moving backwards... and WordGirl is giving ...

    Tags: wordgirl, pbs, soup2nuts, slow, animation

  • WordGirl Opening Lyrics

    WordGirl Opening Lyrics MP3

    I own nothing. Couldn't find it anywhere so I made the video and decided to upload it. Possibly my favorite edutainment program.

    Tags: Lyrics, WordGirl (TV Program)

  • WordGirl Theme Song in G-Major

    WordGirl Theme Song in G-Major MP3

    There are WordGirl Theme Song in G-Major with Negative.
  • wordgirl theme slow

    wordgirl theme slow MP3

    Requested by Benedick Beltran.
  • Word Girl Theme Song

    Word Girl Theme Song MP3

    My daughter dancing around to the World Girl theme song.

    Tags: word, girl

  • VeggieTales Theme Song WordGirl Version

    VeggieTales Theme Song WordGirl Version MP3

    I sure love both shows:)
  • Wordgirl Theme Fast

    Wordgirl Theme Fast MP3

  • VeggieTales Theme Song WordGirl and Arthur version

    VeggieTales Theme Song WordGirl and Arthur version MP3

    I sure love 3 shows:)
  • WordGirl Theme Song

    WordGirl Theme Song MP3

    via YouTube Capture.

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  • WordGirl intro G major

    WordGirl intro G major MP3

    I dare you to go to bed tonight ;) why do i hear squiddles in the background.

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  • WordGirl Theme Song Lyrics

    WordGirl Theme Song Lyrics MP3

    Lyrics:) Word Up! it's Wordgirl! Word Up! it's Wordgirl! Flying at the speed of sound. Vocabulary that astounds. From the Planet Lexicon. Watch out villains!
  • Wordgirl Theme Song

    Wordgirl Theme Song MP3

  • Word Girl Theme song 2 times

    Word Girl Theme song 2 times MP3

    Tags: Theme Song, Good, Opening

  • Word girl theme song

    Word girl theme song MP3

    Watch word girl on PBS kids go!
  • SheZow vs. WordGirl

    SheZow vs. WordGirl MP3

    Remastered_Re-Edited_Re-Uploaded I made this fan-made video of shezow and wordgirl. SheZow belongs to DHX media, Moody Street Kids & Obie Co.

    Tags: WordGirl (TV Program), SheZow (TV Program)

  • Azalea dancing to Word Girl

    Azalea dancing to Word Girl's theme song. MP3

    video uploaded from my mobile phone.

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  • WordGirl Theme Song with John Cena

    WordGirl Theme Song with John Cena MP3

  • (Requested) [Techno/Dubstep] WordGirl Theme Remix - DJBassFox28

    (Requested) [Techno/Dubstep] WordGirl Theme Remix - DJBassFox28 MP3

    Download links coming soon! I'm sure to most people that know me this remix may seem like a strange choice but this was actually a request from a very good ...

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