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    World's Fastest Rapper [Guinness Primetime] MP3

    Rap starts at 2:00. You can stop helping now. This is the full presentation of Rebel XD's incredible performance on Fox's old show, Guinness World Records ...

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    World's Top 10 Fastest Rapper Ever (2016) MP3

    World's Top 10 Fastest Rapper Ever (2016) click: eminem rap god ? click - 3:05 World's Top 10 Fastest ...

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    World's Fastest Talker + World's Fastest Rapper MP3

    OPEN ME hope y'all enjoyed this little skit. it was a TRUE honor to get to speed talk with the OFFICIAL world's fastest rapper, No Clue. he is the 2x Guinness ...

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  • Fastest Rap EVER

    Fastest Rap EVER MP3

    Swedish rapper, singer & producer Roomie performs the world's fastest rap! ↓ Links from the video↓ ↪ Subscribe & become a member of the #RoomieArmy ...

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  • World fastest rapper Break ya neck george

    World fastest rapper Break ya neck george MP3

    Artist: George Watsky Beat oringinally from artist Busta Rhymes Break Ya Neck.

    Tags: Pale, kid, raps, fast, Part2

  • Fastest Rapper in the World 2012-2013 HQ

    Fastest Rapper in the World 2012-2013 HQ MP3

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  • 3 fastest rapper (G.Watsky,Mac Lethal and Ksicfaces)

    3 fastest rapper (G.Watsky,Mac Lethal and Ksicfaces) MP3

    Tags: 3 fastest rappers of all time, Ksicfaces, Mac lethal, Watsky

  • Fastest tortoise - Guinness World Records

    Fastest tortoise - Guinness World Records MP3

    Bertie 'the speedster' tortoise has clocked the fastest time by a tortoise to enter the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2016 book by recording 0.28 metres per ...

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    World's Top 10 Fastest Rapper Ever (2016) #2 MP3

    13- Ra The Rugged Man 12- Ceza 11- Tech N9ne 10- Krayzie Bone 9- Eminem 8- VBL 7- Twista 6- Busta Rhymes 5- Tonedeff 4- Bizzy Bone 3- Twisted İnsane ...

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  • Santa Raps SO Fast!!! (NEW WORLD RECORD!)

    Santa Raps SO Fast!!! (NEW WORLD RECORD!) MP3

    Check out the LIMITED Mac Lethal Xmas shirts here: Mac Lethal dressed in Santa suit sets NEW WORLD RECORD for ...

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    World's Fastest Rapper MP3

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    Sir Skitzo: Twitter: Beat Instrumental by: ...

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  • Is Eminem really a Rap God? Speed Test! Busta Rhymes, Tech N9ne, Twista, Young Blaze

    Is Eminem really a Rap God? Speed Test! Busta Rhymes, Tech N9ne, Twista, Young Blaze MP3

    Twisted Insane, No Clue, Krayzie Bone, Jaz-O - Speed Test Part 2! I decided to see how fast is eminem ...

    Tags: Eminem (Record Producer), Busta Rhymes (Musical Artist), Twista (Musical Artist), Rapping (Profession), Speed, Lirycs, Young Blaze, Tech Nine, Aaron Dontez Yates (Musical Artist)

  • World’s Fastest Pizza Order - #NoNeedToRush

    World’s Fastest Pizza Order - #NoNeedToRush MP3

    Speed rapper Mac Lethal offers an impressive demonstration on how to order pizza when your phone battery is about to die. Hungry, but can't speed rap?

    Tags: ASUS, ZenFoneMax, ZenFone, Smartphone, longbattery, battery, speedrap, rap, music, pizza

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    World's Top 10 Fastest Rapper Ever MP3

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    The RAP GOD Showing His Skill...

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    I Feature the worlds fastest rapper Zombie?

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  • Worlds Fastest Rap Songs

    Worlds Fastest Rap Songs MP3

    This is a list of the fastest rap songs/verses of all time. I do not own the rights to these songs. All rights go to the origional owners. Enjoy!

    Tags: Hot Rap Songs, Fastest, World, Hiphop, Speed, Ever, Greatest, twista, busta rhymes, look at me now, awsome, funny, eminem, yelawolf

  • Howard Stern Makes 7-year-old Rapper Cry on America

    Howard Stern Makes 7-year-old Rapper Cry on America's Got Talent | @kollegekidd MP3

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  • Eminem - Rap God (Explicit)

    Eminem - Rap God (Explicit) MP3

    Download Eminem's 'MMLP2' Album on iTunes now: Credits below Video Director: Rich Lee Video Producer: Justin Diener Video ...

    Tags: Eminem, Rap God, official, new video, new song, MMLP2


    Rap God


    Look, I was gonna go easy on you not to hurt your feelings But I'm only going to get this one chance Something's wrong, I can feel it (Six minutes, Slim Shady, you're on) Just a feeling I've got, like something's about to happen, but I don't know what If that means, what I think it means, we're in trouble – big trouble – and if he is bananas as you say, I'm not taking any chances You are just what the Doctor ordered I'm beginning to feel like a Rap God, Rap God All my people from the front to the back nod, back nod Now who thinks their arms are long enough to slapbox, slapbox? They said I rap like a robot, so call me Rapbot But for me to rap like a computer must be in my genes I got a laptop in my back pocket My pen'll go off when I half-cock it Got a fat knot from that rap profit Made a living and a killing off it Ever since Bill Clinton was still in office With Monica Lewinsky feeling on his nut-sack I'm an MC still as honest But as rude and indecent as all hell Syllables skill-a-holic (Kill 'em all with) This slickety-gippety-hippity-hip-hop You don't really wanna get into a pissing match with this rapp[...]