Xfile Theme

  • the x files theme song (full version)

    the x files theme song (full version) MP3

    the x files theme song.

    Tags: the, files, mulder, skully, fox, television, baanetland, ulriksj, tv

  • X-Files Theme Full (Illuminati Song)

    X-Files Theme Full (Illuminati Song) MP3

    I made this video for fun. But if this video gets into dumb copyright stuff I will delete. But wait it takes 3 strikes to get my channel removed, there are 3 sides on a ...

    Tags: The X-Files (TV Theme Song), Music (TV Genre), Song (Composition Type), Illuminati (Defunct Organization), Song Confirmed

  • Funniest X Files "The Truth Is Out There" Vines Comp || 2016

    Funniest X Files "The Truth Is Out There" Vines Comp || 2016 MP3

    Thanks so much for watching If you enjoyed it please make sure to hit subscribe for the latest and the hottest vines!!!

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  • The X-files theme song [10 hours]

    The X-files theme song [10 hours] MP3

    The X-files theme song, original version for 10 hours. For true fans only...

    Tags: The X-Files (TV Program), 10 hours, 10, hours, ten, loop, kiptokren, kipper, repeat, endless, seamless, best version, hd, hq, x-files, the x-files, files, tv series

  • The X files - Intro - Opening theme - Orginal HQ

    The X files - Intro - Opening theme - Orginal HQ MP3

    Just for fans :)

    Tags: Alien, Productions, The, files, intro, opening, orginal, HQ, Molder, Scully, The X-Files, Anderson, Theme, Song, Introduction, David, The X-Files (film)



    I want to believe...in a dope acapella cover of the X Files theme! More Warp Zone Acapellas! ▻ http://bit.ly/1nmwm8p SUBSCRIBE! ▻ http://bit.ly/Sub2TWZ ...

    Tags: The X-Files, X-Files, acapella, a cappella, X-Files Theme, Mulder, Scully, Aliens, Illuminati, The Warp Zone, Warp Zone, spooky, thewarpzone, x files, x files theme, sci-fi, tv show, song, intro, x files song, x files intro, warp zone acapella

  • The X-Files Theme Song HQ

    The X-Files Theme Song HQ MP3

    The X Files Theme Song [High Quality] I own nothing.

    Tags: Assustador, Creepy, Ovini, ET, X-files theme song, Scary, Song, Horror, Theme Song, Scared, Opening, Scream, Arquivo x

  • The Simpsons - X-Files

    The Simpsons - X-Files MP3

    Homer has an "encounter of the third kind" in the woods... Watch THE SIMPSONS on Fox! (and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE ;-)) Tags: The X-Files, The Springfield ...

    Tags: The Simpsons (TV Program), The X-Files (TV Program), Animation (TV Genre), Homer Simpson (Fictional Character), Bart Simpson (Film Character), Marge Simpson (Fictional Character), Lisa Simpson (Film Character), Maggie Simpson (Fictional Character), Grandpa Simpson, Abraham Simpson, Charles Montgomery Burns, Matt Groening, Futurama, Family Guy, The Springfield Files, Springfield (Fictional Setting)

  • The X-Files Theme Song (Techno Trance Remix)

    The X-Files Theme Song (Techno Trance Remix) MP3

    i hope u like it..... UFO!!!

    Tags: The, X-Files, Theme, Song, Remix

  • The X-Files Meets Metal

    The X-Files Meets Metal MP3

    Hey guys, First, there is still a Christmas video on the way, so dont worry :) A couple things haha. I LOVE this show. My parents got me hooked on it when it was ...

    Tags: The X-Files (TV Program), agent mulder, agent scully, the truth is out there, I want to believe, aliens, rock, metal, tv theme, opening, cover, shred, guitar, solo, 331erock, eric calderone

  • X files Theme (Synthesia)

    X files Theme (Synthesia) MP3

    En este video hice una creacion basada en la cancion materia primoris o xfiles de mark snow , la fuente tron la descargue de ...

    Tags: Xfiles, Theme, synthesia, mark, snow

  • The X-Files Theme in a Major Key

    The X-Files Theme in a Major Key MP3

    Included as part of "Happy Birthday Chris Carter" courtesy of Gomnitus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9cfHyZEvfY The X-Files SONG: ...

    Tags: The X-Files (TV Program), The X-Files (TV Theme Song), Theme Music, Theme Song, muted vocal, laztozia, Mark Snow, Chris Carter, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, Ian Gordon, Theme Tweak

  • X-files theme 44 minutes

    X-files theme 44 minutes MP3

  • The X-Files Theme Song 800% Slower

    The X-Files Theme Song 800% Slower MP3

    Slowed down 800%, this song becomes an ambient, lush and soothing experience. Here's the first 15 minutes Download Link: ...

    Tags: X-Files, Fox, Mulder, Dana, Scully, Inspirational, Paul, Stretch, Slower, Gothic, Soothing, Relax, skeptic, investigate, strange, unexplained

  • X-Files Theme, Bass

    X-Files Theme, Bass MP3

    Happy Halloween! Someone suggested I do a cover of the X-Files I thought it was a great idea so here it is :) Tabs available at: ...

    Tags: The X-Files, Theme, Bass

  • Mark Snow - I Want to Believe (X-Files Theme UNKLE Remix)

    Mark Snow - I Want to Believe (X-Files Theme UNKLE Remix) MP3

    I do not own any rights of the uploaded song, this channel is ment to be a personal collection of Songs!

    Tags: The X-Files (TV Program), Mark Snow (Composer), I Want to Belive

  • X-Files Theme Piano/Strings Version (HD)

    X-Files Theme Piano/Strings Version (HD) MP3

    The X-Files theme song redone with piano segments mixed with an ensemble section and snippets of the UNKLE remix from the I Want to Believe film ...

    Tags: the x-files, x-files, xfiles, x-files theme, unkle, x-files piano, x-files classical theme, xfiles theme song, gillian anderson, david duchovny, Violin (Musical Instrument), Classical Music, Song, Piano (Musical Instrument), Theme, Anderson, Theme Song, David

  • X-Files - Modern Edit

    X-Files - Modern Edit MP3

    It's not as creepy as my childhood memories of the intro but it was fun to play around with a remake of the iconic opening titles to such a great show!

    Tags: The X-Files (TV Program), intro, opening, Remake (Film Genre), Mulder And Scully (Composition), Television Program (Media Genre), Youtube, New, sequence

  • The X Files - Theme

    The X Files - Theme MP3

    IMPORTANT INFO: As long as you explicitly credit me (PJM25595//Dalekium is preferable, although PJM25595 is also acceptable) in the description, that is all ...

    Tags: the x files, theme, synth, orchestra, percussion, drums, strings, gillian anderson, david duchovny, fox mulder, dana scully, chris carter, fox

  • X Files - Theme Song

    X Files - Theme Song MP3

    This use to scare shit of me when I was a kid. I hope you will like it. I would appreciate your subscription, because I will bring you more epic and forgotten music.

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