Xmen Cartoon Theme

  • Xmen animated series theme

    Xmen animated series theme MP3

    the intro to the awsomest cartoon ever all rights belong to that of Marvel Entertainment and Disney.

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  • X-Men 1999 Extended ThEme CartOOn

    X-Men 1999 Extended ThEme CartOOn MP3


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  • X-Men (opening theme HD) [90

    X-Men (opening theme HD) [90's Cartoon] MP3

    X-Men theme | Marvel | Fox | 90's |

    Tags: x-men, opening, theme, x-men theme, hd, intro, marvel, fox

  • X-Men (90s Cartoon Theme Cover)

    X-Men (90s Cartoon Theme Cover) MP3

    A metal cover version of the theme song from the classic 90s X-Men animated series. Guitar - LTD EX400BD FX - BOSS ME-50 Amp Sim - Line 6 POD 2.0 LINKS ...

    Tags: X-Men (Organization In Fiction), Cartoon (TV Genre), Theme, Song, Cover, Classic, Metal, Guitar, Bass, ESP Guitars (Musical Instrument Company), LTD Guitars, Line 6, X-Men, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Jean Grey, Professor X, Jubilee, Adam Johnston, Music, Heavy Metal, Marvel



    We perform the theme song to the 90s X-Men cartoon! More Warp Zone Acapellas! ▻ http://bit.ly/1ImZVeQ SUBSCRIBE! ▻ http://bit.ly/Sub2TWZ X-Men Sketch!

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  • X-MEN theme on piano ( x-men 90´s cartoon opening music )

    X-MEN theme on piano ( x-men 90´s cartoon opening music ) MP3

    Instagram: http://instagram.com/vinheteiro Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LordVinheteiro - Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vinheteiro x-men theme on piano.

    Tags: x-man, xman, man, music, song, theme, opening, piano, melhor pianista do brasil, vinheteiro, cartoon, xmen, x-men

  • X Men 90

    X Men 90's Cartoon Theme MP3

    Just a fun little video I made using the X-Men Movie Characters to the 90's X-Men Cartoon Theme Song. Buddy of mine requested it. I made it with Windows ...

    Tags: X-Men (Comic Book Fictional Universe)

  • Powerglove - X-Men

    Powerglove - X-Men MP3

    First track from from Powergloves Saturday Morning Apocalypse album . Home site: http://www.vgmetal.com Order here: ...

    Tags: wolverine, gambit, rogue, beast, magneto, juggernaut, storm, metal, gaming, rock, x-men, men, powerglove, power, glove, gamer, music, death metal, electronics, hard rock, ballad, music video, metal rock, progressive rock, heavy metal, video game

  • 90s Cartoon Themes - X Men (Metal Version)

    90s Cartoon Themes - X Men (Metal Version) MP3

    This is a re-remastered version of this theme. High quality download available at https://soundcloud.com/michael_h/90s-cartoon-themes-x-men-metal.

    Tags: Wolverine, Cyclops, X-Men, Theme, Metal, Symphonic, Heavy, TV, Cartoon, 90s

  • X-men Cartoon Theme for Orchestra

    X-men Cartoon Theme for Orchestra MP3

    X-MEN Opening Theme from the 90's Cartoon Arranged for Epic/Cinematic Orchestra. Download mp3: ...

    Tags: xmen, x-men, uncanny xmen, marvel, amazing, theme song, cartoon theme, cartoon, nineties, vintage, remix, orchestra, orchestral, arrangement, arranged for orchestra, superhero, superheroes, piano, tutorial, geek

  • X Men Cartoon Theme Song - (dubstep remix) by KvR

    X Men Cartoon Theme Song - (dubstep remix) by KvR MP3

    an old dub step mix that I did a while ago. figured I'd throw it up. check it out. update - i've made it available for free download.

    Tags: x-men, dub, step, avengers, superhero, Marvel, bass, wobble, drum, Dubstep (Musical Genre), Remix (Industry), Theme, Song

  • Mix 3: X-Men Trilogy + X-Men 90

    Mix 3: X-Men Trilogy + X-Men 90's Cartoon theme. MP3

    I try my hardest to recreate the 90's X-Men cartoon opening using footage from the live action fox X-Men movies. Couple notes. I decided to replace Jubilee With ...

    Tags: X-Men (Film Series), Theme, Cartoon (TV Genre), X-Men (Comic Book Fictional Universe), X-Men (TV Program), X-Men (Film), cartoon, Song, Cinagroove13

  • X-Men Stop Motion Intro Theme Song: HD 1992 Apocalypse

    X-Men Stop Motion Intro Theme Song: HD 1992 Apocalypse MP3

    Before X-Men: Apocalypse and all of the other films from FOX... They brought us an amazing cartoon in the early 90's! X-Men '92 KYLE ROBERTS TWITTER: ...

    Tags: X-Men, cartoon, 1992, Kyle Roberts, Reckless Abandonment Pictures, stop motion, Gambit, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, action figures, Oklahoma, Nathan Poppe, Colin Nance, Alex Harris, claymation, animation, animated, Beast, Nightcrawler, Jubilee, Professor X, Magneto, remake, Hugh Jackman, Geek week, X Men, footage, teaser, mystique, Apocalypse

  • X-Men Theme Song - 90

    X-Men Theme Song - 90's Cartoon (Piano Cover) MP3

    Terrence Shider Plays classic X-Men music. He Shouts "Weapon X!" in honor of Marvel v. Capcom 3. (which we will play some music from!)

    Tags: theme, song, piano, animation, theme song, opening, cartoon, title, Men, Weapon, Wolverine, Jean, Grey, X-Men, Intro, Improv, Gambit, Rogue, Beast, Charles, Xavier, Magneto, Cyclops

  • X-Men Live Action Intro [Cartoon Theme]

    X-Men Live Action Intro [Cartoon Theme] MP3

    First of all, FUCK WMG. Cocksucking bastards took this down twice before this one. Hopefully this one works. EDIT: OK, it wasn't taken down right away, ...

    Tags: X-Men, Cartoon, Theme, Live, Action, Intro, Fox, Kids, 90s

  • X-men Theme (Orchestral)

    X-men Theme (Orchestral) MP3

    An orchestral arrangement of the X-men cartoon theme Download the high quality audio at http://sturgill.bandcamp.com/ Thanks to nerryblackberry for the video ...

    Tags: Xmen, x-men, orchestral, theme, song, cartoon, orchestra

  • X-Men Cartoon Theme (Rock Version)

    X-Men Cartoon Theme (Rock Version) MP3

    A guitar rock version of the 90's X-Men Cartoon theme song All instruments played by Cain. Forgive the sound quality, I recorded this when I was just starting out.

    Tags: Rock, Cartoon, X-Men, X-Men Cartoon, Instrumental, Theme, Guitar, Fox Kids

  • X-MEN OP1-2(JPN)

    X-MEN OP1-2(JPN) MP3


    Tags: x-men, anime, op, opening, song

  • X Men Movie Intro with 90s Cartoon Theme Orchestrated

    X Men Movie Intro with 90s Cartoon Theme Orchestrated MP3

    This is one of my favorite TV themes, and even though I love John Ottman's X-Men theme, I always wanted to hear an orchestrated version of the old 90s cartoon ...

    Tags: Animated Cartoon (TV Genre), Film (Media Genre), Theme, Song, Theme Music (Musical Genre), Orchestration (Field Of Study), Intro, Opening, X-Men (TV Program), John Ottman (Film Music Contributor), Ron Wasserman (Musical Artist)

  • X-Men Cartoon Theme on STL Ocarina

    X-Men Cartoon Theme on STL Ocarina MP3

    Our Marvel Ocarinas are available: http://www.stlocarina.com/suoc.html -------------- Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/stlocarina ...

    Tags: X-Men (Organization In Fiction), marvel, Marvel Universe (Comic Book Fictional Universe), Comics (Comic Book Genre), X-Men (TV Program), Cartoon (TV Genre), Comic Book (Comic Book Genre), ocarina, stlocarina