Yohannes Girma Mezmur

  • Yohannes Girma part 1

    Yohannes Girma part 1 MP3

    Yohannes & Zetse'at mezemeran ዘፀኧት (ከመገኘትህ ወዴት እሔዳለሁ)

    Tags: mezmur, amharic gospel song, ethiopia

  • Yohannes Girma Mezmur ; የልቤ ደስታ ጌታ

    Yohannes Girma Mezmur ; የልቤ ደስታ ጌታ MP3

    Yohannes Girma's Heart touching song with beautiful God's creation.

    Tags: Yohannes Girma mezmur, 1adoli, ethiopian gospel song, amharic mezmur, Ethiopian amharic mezmur, mezmur

  • Yohannes Girma part 2

    Yohannes Girma part 2 MP3

    Yohannes & Zetse'at mezemeran ዘፀኧት(የመውደዴን፤መልካምነትህ፤ከሰማያት በላይ.

    Tags: Yohannes Girma, Amharic gospel song, Mezmur, Ethiopia

  • Pastor Yohannes Girma

    Pastor Yohannes Girma MP3

    I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

    Tags: yohannes, Girma

  • kebere zena by Apostle Yohannes Girma

    kebere zena by Apostle Yohannes Girma MP3

  • Pastor Yohannes Girma -አብዝቼ ልውደድህ

    Pastor Yohannes Girma -አብዝቼ ልውደድህ MP3

    Amharic Gospel Song .

    Tags: Yohannes Girma-

  • Yohannes Girma - Yemewdeden Bezat

    Yohannes Girma - Yemewdeden Bezat MP3

    Yohannes Girma - Yemewdeden Bezat.

    Tags: Yohannes, Girma, Yemewdeden, Bezat, zetseat church, ethiopia, mezmur, Yohannes Girma, music

  • Yohannes girma

    Yohannes girma MP3

    A program which is hosted by The bride of Christ Church in Amsterdam /Holland. Dam square. Pator Yohannes Girma .
  • Yohannes Girma - Wa

    Yohannes Girma - Wa'a - Hadiyigna Mezmur MP3

    Yohannes Girma - Wa'a - Hadiyigna Mezmur.

    Tags: Hadiya, Amharic, Ethiopia, Mezmur, Yohannes, John Girma

  • Pastor Yohannes Girma -ደስታዬ ነህ

    Pastor Yohannes Girma -ደስታዬ ነህ MP3

    Amharic Gospel Song.

    Tags: Pastor Yohannes Girma, Ethiopian Gospel Song, Dereje Kebede

  • Amlake Destaye by Yohannes Girma  Mezmur 2012

    Amlake Destaye by Yohannes Girma Mezmur 2012 MP3

    Yohannes Girma John Ethiopian Best worship song at Israel.

    Tags: Amlake Destaye, zetseat, zetseat worship, yohannes girma, worship song, amharic mezumer, best worship song, Ethiopian protestant song, ethiopian amharic mezmur, zema for chirst, dawite getachew, efrim alemu, aphrim alemu, Yohannes Girma, Apostolic Reformation Church, Gospel song, Ethiopia, Worship song 2013, Israel, Mezmur, Religion (Literary Genre)

  • yohannes Girma (Kesemayat Belay)

    yohannes Girma (Kesemayat Belay) MP3

    Tags: Ethiopia, Song, Mezmure, Yohaness

  • Ketewat Ansito | Pastor Yohannes Girma Mezmur with Lyrics

    Ketewat Ansito | Pastor Yohannes Girma Mezmur with Lyrics MP3

    ከጠዋት አንስቶ | ፓስተር ዮሐንስ ግርማ (Ketewat Ansito | Pastor Yohannes Girma) YouTube Subscribe: ...

    Tags: Ketewat Ansito, Pastor Yohannes Girma, Pastor John, Pastor John Mezmur, Pastor John Gospel Song, Yohannes Girma Song, Yohanes Girma Protestant Song, Amharic Song, Ethiopian Gospel Song, Pastor Yohannes Mezmur, John Gospel Song, John Amharic Mezmur, Protestan Mezmur, Protestan Song

  • 07/19/2015 Sunday Morning - Yohannes Girma

    07/19/2015 Sunday Morning - Yohannes Girma MP3

    Welcome to the Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Atlanta's web-stream. We are proud to offer our viewers LIVE broadcasts of our Sunday morning service, ...
  • Yohannes Girma Amsterdam Holland

    Yohannes Girma Amsterdam Holland MP3

  • Zetse

    Zetse'at Mezemeran with Yohannes Girma MP3

    Yohannes & Zetse'at mezemeran Ethiopia Christian worship!

    Tags: Yohannes, Girma, Ethiopia, Christian, worship, Mezemeran, mezmur, amharic, gospel, song, oromo, Faarfannaa

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