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  • (Congo-Soukous)Yondo Sister-Wapi Yo(Paris version)

    (Congo-Soukous)Yondo Sister-Wapi Yo(Paris version) MP3

    Last portion of Wapi Yo.

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  • Yondo Sister-Pona Tembe(Paris Version)

    Yondo Sister-Pona Tembe(Paris Version) MP3

    Deviation Sexy Soukouss dvd.

    Tags: yondo, sister, sexy, deviation, soukouss, congo, rdc, ndombolo, lingala, fun, africa, pona, tembe

  • Yondo Sister- Mbuta Mutu

    Yondo Sister- Mbuta Mutu MP3

    This is my first time converting cassette music to a video. I hope you enjoy it!

    Tags: yondo sister, mbuta mutu, soukous, deviation

  • Yondo Sister - Madi (Africa)

    Yondo Sister - Madi (Africa) MP3

    http://www.esepelisa.com - Yondo Sister - Madi | DVD HD Video Haute Qualite esepelisa 01.

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  • Yondo Sister - Perdue de Vue (Africa)

    Yondo Sister - Perdue de Vue (Africa) MP3

    http://www.esepelisa.com - Yondo Sister - Perdue de Vue | DVD HD Video Haute Qualite | esepelisa 02.

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  • Yondo Sister - Africa Dance

    Yondo Sister - Africa Dance MP3

    S'abonner/Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=esepelisa ☆ Twitter: https://twitte...

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  • yondo sister - bazoo

    yondo sister - bazoo MP3

    great song from congo.

    Tags: congo, yondo, sisters, bazoo, soukous, african

  • Yondo Sister - Jo (Africa

    Yondo Sister - Jo (Africa's Got Talent) MP3

    Yondo Sister deserves credit for being the one Congolese artist to have made back-to-back tours of the USA with her band over the past year. Her consecutive ...

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  • Congo - Yondo Sister - Wapi Yo - Copyright claim by Believe

    Congo - Yondo Sister - Wapi Yo - Copyright claim by Believe MP3


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  • Congo - Yondo Sister - Mbuta Mutu - Copyright claim by Believe

    Congo - Yondo Sister - Mbuta Mutu - Copyright claim by Believe MP3


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  • Congo - Yondo Sister - Africa

    Congo - Yondo Sister - Africa MP3


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  • Dally Kimoko - We love you Mandela

    Dally Kimoko - We love you Mandela MP3

  • Yondo Sister - FBI concert 1

    Yondo Sister - FBI concert 1 MP3

    This is from Yondo Sister's - The queen- American concert tour. Tournee FBI En Amerique! This is Bilanga.

    Tags: Yondo, Sister, Bilanga, Ndombolo, Soukous, Congo, Congolese, Concert, Lingala

  • African Rhumba Groove Mix 2

    African Rhumba Groove Mix 2 MP3

    Another Rhumba Mix very popular in Kenya. This mix features songs from Democratic Republic of Congo mostly. Here is the link to download: ...

    Tags: RhumbaMix, Tshala Muana, Samba Mapangala, Soukouss, DRC, Zaire, music, Awilo

  • African Rhumba Groove Mix

    African Rhumba Groove Mix MP3

    Music from West and Central Africa Here is the link to the mix https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5oVuajV3ScdYWdmTEVhTTd3MVU/edit?usp=sharing The listing ...

    Tags: Rhumba, Soukouss, Makassi, Africa, Sam Fan Thomas, Awilo, Lokassa ya Mbongo, Music, Prince, Eyango, Loketo

  • The Foundation of Congolese Rumba bass By Lofombo

    The Foundation of Congolese Rumba bass By Lofombo MP3

    THIS DVD IS COMING OUT ON THE 5.12.2020 .., SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVEL MBEMBA NDOMBASI nicknamed by its music lovers LOFOMBO, began his ...

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  • YODO

    YODO MP3

    Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe. Support me please. **Free Download Link** http://www.reverbnation.com/ystreet4/song/20273155-yodo?1336410755 ...

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  • NMB - Mpila Muntu

    NMB - Mpila Muntu MP3

    NMB - Mpila Muntu (Album "Fier de l'Etre" coming soon, bientot dans les bacs, featuring Jean Goubald, Celeo Scram, Cool Matope, Madu & Fofo, Don Klemente ...

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