You Re My Best Friend Cover

  • The Once - You

    The Once - You're My Best Friend MP3

    Tags: The, Once, My, Best, Friend, TV

  • Stevie Ann - You

    Stevie Ann - You're My Best Friend (Queen Cover) MP3

    For a cover project I recorded a version of 'You're My Best Friend' by Queen. Download on iTunes: ...

    Tags: Queen (Musical Group), Friends, Pop Rock (Musical Genre), Music (Industry), Stevie Ann, acoustic, guitar, new

  • "You

    "You're My Best Friend" - Live Queen Cover by Jenn Bostic MP3

    Thank you to Ian Harbour for requesting this song as part of my "Jukebox Jenn" exclusive offer during my PledgeMusic campaign. This is dedicated to Carol ...

    Tags: Queen (Musical Group), Pop Rock (Musical Genre), songwriter, jenn bostic, jealous of the angels, PledgeMusic (Website), cover, acoustic, Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), keyboard, nord, nord keyboards, Piano, Song, Singer

  • Mamas Gun - You

    Mamas Gun - You're my best friend ( Queen Cover live BBC Radio2 ) MP3

    From the BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Breakfast show Friday 1st August 2014, featuring Mamas Gun, Robert Plant and Ant & Dec. Watch the new single "Red ...

    Tags: mamas gun, routes to riches, the life and soul, vlog, music, UK music, Mamas gun 3rd album, soul, beverley Knight, chris evans, The Chris Evans Breakfast Show (Broadcast Content), Robert Plant (Musical Artist), red cassette, queen, BBC Radio 2 (Radio Station), cheap hotel

  • Queen - You

    Queen - You're My Best Friend (Acoustic Cover by Matthew & Leah) MP3

    We played this song for a friend's wedding and we thought we'd share it with you! Leah M plays ukulele Matthew P plays geetar.

    Tags: queen, best friend, acoustic, ukulele, acoustic cover, acoustic duo, wellington, new zealand, wedding singers

  • You

    You're My Best Friend - Queen Cover MP3

    Recorded live at my home in Knysna, South Africa, using my iPhone 5 and the 8mm app. Keep in touch: ...

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  • Queen - You

    Queen - You're My Best Friend (ukulele cover) MP3

    DOWNLOAD FOR FREE: (look for "Free MP3s" button at top of page) Written by John "the Deacs" Deacon for the music ...

    Tags: queen, my, best, friend, ukulele, give, me, motion, gmm, freddie, mercury, brian, may, john, deacon, roger, taylor, dante, cimadamore, yea, Live Music, Cover Song, Singing, epic, rap, battles, of, history, erb, frank, sinatra, vs

  • You

    You're My Best Friend (Queen Vocal Cover) MP3

    I really LOOOOOOOVE the things that you do!

    Tags: my, best, friend, cover, vocal, queen, freddie, mercury, vocals, youre, Queen (Musical Group)

  • You

    You're My Best Friend (Nelson del Castillo) MP3

    A song for those who found true friends.

    Tags: nelsondelcastillo, friends, bestfriend, truefriend, Pinoy

  • Queen - You

    Queen - You're My Best Friend (Official Video) MP3

    Click here to buy the Queen Collection Boxset - Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here ...

    Tags: Queen, Paul, Rodgers, My, Best, Friend, Freddie, Mercury, Brian, May, Rodger, Taylor, John, Deacon, queen official video, queen official channel, freddie, mercury, queen, band, performance, live, freddy, Rock Music (Film Genre), Pop Rock (Musical Genre), Queen (Musical Group), queen official, your my best firend, your my best friend, Music (TV Genre), A Night At The Opera, 1975, Forever, 2014

  • Queen You

    Queen You're My Best Friend lesson & cover bass MP3

    Fender Precision 92 Mexico con cuerdas Rotosound RS77LD Pagina de Facebook, Recomendada: ...

    Tags: John deacon, Como tocar, bass, tab, queen, Lesson queen, lesson, argentina, mrseaways1, seaways4

  • You

    You're My Best Friend by Queen | Acoustic Guitar Version by the Moon Loungers MP3

    Moon Loungers downloads here - This acoustic version of Queen's You're My Best Friend was ...

    Tags: queen, youre, my, best, friend, Acoustic, Guitar, Cover, moon, loungers, bristol, wedding, band, Acoustic Cover, Acoustic Music, Queen (band), queen acoustic

  • Queen - "You

    Queen - "You're My Best Friend" - Piano Cover MP3

    I've been with you such a long time. You're my sunshine. You're my best friend.

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  • You

    You're My Best Friend - Queen Bass Cover (HD) MP3

    A John Deacon tune with an utterly brilliant, melodic bassline built around C major scale. Own bass track recorded and mixed along with the original tracks for ...

    Tags: Queen bass cover, bass isolated track queen, manos markopoulos, manos bass, queen bass guitar cover, fender 50s precision bass

  • Renee & Jeremy You

    Renee & Jeremy You're My Best Friend MP3

    Queen cover.

    Tags: Renee, Jeremy, My, Best, Friend, Queen, cover, little, love

  • "You

    "You're My Best Friend" Acoustic Guitar, original vocals track, chords MP3

    Learn how to play this classic Queen song on acoustic guitar with the original vocals track and chord diagrams.

    Tags: Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), Cover, Guitar, Guitar Cover, Acoustic Cover, Queen, Queen (Musical Group), Acoustic Guitar, how to, Tutorial (Media Genre)

  • You

    You're My Best Friend Bass Cover MP3

    For my wife, Lynn, who inspires me on a daily basis to be a better person. Not too many bass players can get away with playing as high up on the neck as John ...

    Tags: My, Best, Friend, Bass, Cover, Queen, Night, At, The, Opera, John, Deacon, Fender, Geddy, Lee, Jazz

  • Queen- You

    Queen- You're my best friend- Baptiste Defromont ukulele cover MP3

    Allez un petit Queen, J'espère que vous allez aimer :) Que la force soit avec vous! You are my best friends! Plus d'infos ...

    Tags: Queen cover, Baptiste Defromont, Queen ukulele, Freddy Mercury, John Deacon, Brian May, Roger Taylor, Queen ukulele cover

  • The Once - You

    The Once - You're My Best Friend (It's Okay That's Love OST) MP3

  • Don Williams Cover - "You

    Don Williams Cover - "You're My Best Friend" MP3

    Another one of my favorite Don Williams tunes. I don't know how this song was intended when it was written but it can be a beautiful gospel song. "You placed ...

    Tags: Don Williams, Cover, Country Music, Jason Todd Herring