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  • Panzerlied ! HQ with subtitles Battle of the Bulge

    Panzerlied ! HQ with subtitles Battle of the Bulge MP3

    Chanson militaire. Libre de droit, dans le domaine public Film = Battle of the Bulge - 1965 ...

    Tags: bataille, des, ardennes, nazi

  • Panzerlied New Version

    Panzerlied New Version MP3

  • Panzerlied (Battle of the Bulge with english intro)

    Panzerlied (Battle of the Bulge with english intro) MP3

    Boys. Too many boys. The illusion. The hope that there is one more chance. That is the illusion.

    Tags: Panzerlied

  • Original Panzerlied

    Original Panzerlied MP3

    A new compilation featuring the original panzerlied song.

    Tags: world, war, ww2, german, army, panzerlied, tanks, panzer, eastern, front, russia, battle, compilation, infantry, guns, artillery

  • Panzerlied

    Panzerlied MP3

    Mainly the German main battle tank Leopard 2 in Action! The "Panzerlied" (tank-song) is still in use by German Bundeswehr and Austrian Bundesheer today ...

    Tags: Bundeswehr, Panzertruppe, Action, military, music, German, Federal, Defence, Force, armed, forces, force, de, la, dAllemagne, fuerzas, armadas, Alemania, Heer, troops, NATO, support, tribute, Panzerlied, Weapon, Fire, Power, Battle, Tank, Panzer, Armee, Deutschland, Germany, Luiska-Lied

  • Panzerlied (Color film)

    Panzerlied (Color film) MP3

    WWⅡ名行進曲シリーズ② English translation ~Panzer Lied (Tank Song)~ If there's storm or it snows, Or the sun smiles on us, The day is burning hot, Or the night ...

    Tags: waffen, Deutsch, tank, WW2, war, military, NSDAP, wehrmacht, combat, gun, german, Marsch, Nazi, Arny

  • Girls und Panzer - Panzerlied feat. Battle of the Bulge (1965) Vocals

    Girls und Panzer - Panzerlied feat. Battle of the Bulge (1965) Vocals MP3

    why you heff to be mad it's only anime please stop being autistic in the comments A montage of Black Forest High from episode 11 of Girls und Panzer.

    Tags: panzer vor means panzer vor, gup, girls und panzer, hue, Panzerlied (Composition), life is life panzer panzer, panzerlied

  • Panzer lied 2

    Panzer lied 2 MP3

    Thanks to all of you for your support and continue to watch my videos.

    Tags: Panzer, reich, Wehrmacht (Armed Force), WWII, Waffen-SS (Armed Force), Division (Military Unit Size Designation), Documental, Ww2, World, Germany, Battle, History, Army, Power, Adolf, Documentary, Tank, Third, Front, Europe

  • Panzer Lied 1

    Panzer Lied 1 MP3

    Tags: panzerlied, Panzer, reich, WWII, Adolf Hitler (Military Commander), Wehrmacht (Armed Force)

  • Das Panzerlied English Subtitle

    Das Panzerlied English Subtitle MP3

    Reuploaded from Deutsches Vaterland's channel who sadly decided to close his channel Video verwendet (Video used in making): БЕЛЫЙ ТИГР для ...
  • panzerlied

    panzerlied MP3

    Tags: Panzerlied, Bundeswehr

  • Panzerlied- polskie napisy

    Panzerlied- polskie napisy MP3

    Przetłumaczona, nieco inna wersja pieśni.

    Tags: panzerlied, pl, panzer, tiger, battle, tank, piosenka, wehrmacht

  • Girls und Panzer - Panzerlied (Soundtrack)

    Girls und Panzer - Panzerlied (Soundtrack) MP3

    Tags: girls, und, panzer, panzerlied, vor, black, forest, highschool, soundtrack, Germany, Ww2, Track, World, Sound, Theme, tank, tanks, battle, anime, 2013, maho nishizumi, OST

  • Panzerlied (Panzer Song)

    Panzerlied (Panzer Song) MP3

    Ob´s stürmt oder schneit, Ob die Sonne uns lacht, Der Tag glühend heiß Oder eiskalt die Nacht. Bestaubt sind die Gesichter, Doch froh ist unser Sinn, Ist unser ...
  • German WWII Patriotic Song - "Panzerlied"

    German WWII Patriotic Song - "Panzerlied" MP3

    ஜ۩FRANÇAIS۩ஜ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭○ Le Panzerlied est l'un des chants les plus connus de la Wehrmacht. Il a été écrit en juin 1933 par l'Oberleutnant...

    Tags: Himno, Anthem, Nationalhymne, Volkslied, DeroVolk, Pritarama, National Anthem of Germany, Himno Nacional de Alemania, Patriotic Song, Himno Aleman, German Anthem, Himno de Alemania, Germany Anthem, Deutschland, Alemania, Berlin, DDR, Germany, Horst Wessel Lied, Nazi Anthem, Adolf Hitler, Merkel Himno Nazi, WWII, Panzerlied

  • Panzer Lied

    Panzer Lied MP3

    Reposted in memory of the channel Deutsches Vaterland. ------------ Please download this quickly, for this version of panzerlied may come into the discretion ...
  • Panzerlied Battle Version

    Panzerlied Battle Version MP3

    Germany is famous for their tank units during WWII, and this is their song. Panzerlied. This is an apolitical video panzer...

    Tags: panzer, hitler, nazi, wwii, german, germany, waffen, ss, heer, luftwaffe, kriegsmarine, schutzstaffel, kursk, stalingrad, iron, cross

  • PANZERLIED !  Erwin Rommel

    PANZERLIED ! Erwin Rommel's favorite song . MP3


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  • ϟϟ Panzerlied-Michael Wittmann ϟϟ  ☠

    ϟϟ Panzerlied-Michael Wittmann ϟϟ ☠ MP3

    Instrumental Version (Panzerlied) ╬ Panzerlied, is one of The Best Known Wehrmacht Songs.It was compused in June 1933 by Oberleutnant Kurt Wiehle; While ...

    Tags: Panzerlied

  • Panzerlied versiones Alemana\Chilena

    Panzerlied versiones Alemana\Chilena MP3

    Blindados Chilenos y Panzerlied version Alemana\Chilena German\Chilean versions.

    Tags: panzerlied, leopard2, leopard, tanques, blindados, tanque, parada, militar, chile, chileno, ejercito, german, germany, military, parade, marching, song, prussian, preussen, mowag, chilean, army