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  • ABBA   "Chiquitita"  (Live)

    ABBA "Chiquitita" (Live) MP3

    HQ stereo: My favorite ABBA song! Done live here in 1979. Lyrics: Abba - Chiquitita lyrics Album: ...

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  • ABBA- Chiquitita Lyrics

    ABBA- Chiquitita Lyrics MP3

    "Abba Chiquitita" sound recording by: UMG.

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  • ABBA  "Chiquitita"

    ABBA "Chiquitita" MP3

    For "STEREO" click here: ABBA Chiquitita is one of my all time favorite ABBA songs.

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  • ABBA - Chiquitita (Spanish version)

    ABBA - Chiquitita (Spanish version) MP3

    ABBA cantando en español la cancion Chiquitita.

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  • 38 ABBA   Chiquitita 1979 Live   Grigtvone Grig   Channel   YouTube

    38 ABBA Chiquitita 1979 Live Grigtvone Grig Channel YouTube MP3

  • ABBA - Chiquitita (1979) HD 0815007

    ABBA - Chiquitita (1979) HD 0815007 MP3

    ABBA - Chiquitita, ein Hit 1979. Audio-CD-Sound versehen mit Video-Material aus TV-Show. HQ-Video.

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  • ABBA  Chiquitita - Grigtvone - Channel -Youtube

    ABBA Chiquitita - Grigtvone - Channel -Youtube MP3

  • ABBA "Chiquitita" (Spanish version from 1979)

    ABBA "Chiquitita" (Spanish version from 1979) MP3

    For stereo click here: ABBA "Chiquitita" (Spanish version) from: 300 Millones/May 28, 1979. This shows ...

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  • ABBA Chiquitita

    ABBA Chiquitita MP3

    ABBA Chiquitita.

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  • Abba - Dancing Queen

    Abba - Dancing Queen MP3

    Music video by Abba performing Dancing Queen. (C) 1976 Polar Music International AB.

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    Dancing Queen


    Ooh-ooh, you can dance, you can jive Having the time of your life Ooh-ooh, see that girl, watch that scene Dig in the dancing queen Friday night and the lights a[...]
  • ABBA - Chiquitita -  Spanish - Español

    ABBA - Chiquitita - Spanish - Español MP3

    Chiquitita, dime por qué Tu dolor hoy te encadena En tus ojos hay una sombra de gran pena No quisiera verte asi Aunque quieras disimularlo Si es que tan ...

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  • ABBA  -  Chiquitita in spanish

    ABBA - Chiquitita in spanish MP3

    Chiquitita in spanish.

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  • ABBA - Chiquitita 1979

    ABBA - Chiquitita 1979 MP3

    ABBA - Chiquitita 1979 Chiquitita, tell me what's wrong You're enchained by your own sorrow In your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow How I hate to see you ...

    Tags: Pop, 70s, SE, Sweden, ABBA, Chiquitita, tell, me, wrong, the, truth, enchained, by, your, own, sorrow, In, eyes, there, is, no, hope, for, tomorrow, How, hate, to, see, you, like, this, There, way, can, deny, it, that, oh, so, sad, 1979, and, cry, But, sun, still, in, sky, did, shining, above, Let, hear, sing, once, more, before, heartaches, come, they, go, scars, leaving, be, dancing, again, pain, will

  • Abba - Chiquitita

    Abba - Chiquitita MP3

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  • ABBA : Chiquitita - Switzerland

    ABBA : Chiquitita - Switzerland '79 (High Quality) MP3

    Relaxed performance of a great great song from Switzerland 1979 introduced by the one and only Dame Edna Everage Taken from the recent 'Voulez Vous' ...

    Tags: ABBA, Chiquitita, (Switzerland, HD, dame, edna, Voulez

  • ABBA - Chiquitita (En español)

    ABBA - Chiquitita (En español) MP3

    Presentación de ABBA en el programa "300 Millones". España 1979.

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  • ABBA, 15 Grandes Exitos De Oro, Romanticas Español, De Antaño Mix   YouTube

    ABBA, 15 Grandes Exitos De Oro, Romanticas Español, De Antaño Mix YouTube MP3

  • Andre Rieu - Chiquitita 2013

    Andre Rieu - Chiquitita 2013 MP3

    Andre Rieu - Chiquitita 2013 Original by ABBA 1979.

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  • ABBA-Chiquitita -1.979

    ABBA-Chiquitita -1.979 MP3