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  • [Fate/Zero] oath-sign (English Cover by Rikatwoo)

    [Fate/Zero] oath-sign (English Cover by Rikatwoo) MP3

    SUBSCRIBE: Check out my song covers: Check out this collaboration with Rikatwoo, Starexorcist, and Y.

    Tags: oath-sign, LiSA, saber, kiritsugu, english, fandub, dub, fan, rikatwoo, y chang

  • Video Game Music Video - Oath Sign

    Video Game Music Video - Oath Sign MP3

    English Version: Orchestra Version: TURN ON CC FOR ...

    Tags: amv, gmv, Lisa, Shiro, Fate Stay, Oath Sign (Canonical Version), Music (TV Genre), Naruto, Anime, the holly grail, ending, cutscene, shiro, manga, unlimited blade works, night, tribute, saber, lancer, archer, loli, no game no life, tokyo ghoul

  • Fate/Zero「AMV」- Oath Sign [1080p]

    Fate/Zero「AMV」- Oath Sign [1080p] MP3

    You choose the save the majority at the cost of the minority. None of the footage used is owned by me. Oath Sign by LiSa Please enjoy!

    Tags: Oath Sign, Music (TV Genre), amv, AMV, LiSa, Opening, Opening 1

  • Fate/Zero OP「oath sign」オーケストラアレンジ Full

    Fate/Zero OP「oath sign」オーケストラアレンジ Full MP3

    先日作ったTVサイズ sm15908653 をフルサイズにしてみました。 弦楽パートと一部の低音パートの音量をやや大きめに調整しました。まだ細かいとこ...

    Tags: oath_sign, oath sign

  • 【Natsu】Oath Sign - LiSA【歌ってみた】

    【Natsu】Oath Sign - LiSA【歌ってみた】 MP3

    Song: Oath Sign Artist: LiSA Anime: Fate/Zero - Opening Instrumental: Lyrics and ...
  • Oath Sign - Fate/Zero OP [Piano]

    Oath Sign - Fate/Zero OP [Piano] MP3

    My facebook page: Download the sheets (and the midi file) here: ...

    Tags: Fate, zero, op, opening, piano, cover, sheet, transcription, arrange, anime, lisa, oath sign, animenz, LiSA

  • ★ Oath Sign (Orchestra) crawk ver. | Fate/Zero

    ★ Oath Sign (Orchestra) crawk ver. | Fate/Zero MP3

    Title: Oath Sign Alt. Title: Fate/Zero Opening 1 Composer: Shou Watanabe Arranger: crawk Instruments: Orchestra Anime: Fate/Zero フェイト/ゼロ All versions: ...

    Tags: Qonell, Music, Anime, Classical, Instrumental, Soundtrack, Fate Zero, Opening, Oath Sign, Orchestra, Symphony, Concert

  • Fate/Zero OP (Full ver) [oath sign / LiSA] Violin:TAM(TAMUSIC)

    Fate/Zero OP (Full ver) [oath sign / LiSA] Violin:TAM(TAMUSIC) MP3

    TVアニメ『Fate/Zero』オープニングテーマ「oath sign」 歌:LiSA ヴァイオリンでフルで演奏してみた 即興二重奏であり、楽譜等一切ありません Angel...

    Tags: oath_sign, TAM, anime, LiSA, TAMUSIC, violin, piano, improvisation, Classical

  • 「NIGHTcore」 LiSA - Oath Sign [By:Shirousagie]

    「NIGHTcore」 LiSA - Oath Sign [By:Shirousagie] MP3

    Download Now :!DtBnXboK!NjTqoqG2RCSyeaSaG8Bc0iEKHTjLGPw1i2UC9Y5Lb18 ...
  • バンドでFate/Zero OP「oath sign」を演奏してみた【ゲシュタルト崩壊】《アニソン》《LiSA》

    バンドでFate/Zero OP「oath sign」を演奏してみた【ゲシュタルト崩壊】《アニソン》《LiSA》 MP3

    アニソンカバープロジェクト(Ani-son.Cover.ProJect)『ゲシュタルト崩壊』です。 バンドでLiSAさんのFate/Zero_OP「oath sign」を演奏してみた ゲシュタルト...

    Tags: oathsign, LiSA, OP, music, band, anime, song, movies, livemusic, gestaltzerfall

  • oath sign(カラオケ) / LiSA

    oath sign(カラオケ) / LiSA MP3

    TOKYO MX系アニメ「Fate/Zero」オープニングテーマ oath sign(カラオケ) 高音質カラオケ.

    Tags: LiSA, oath sign, lyric video

  • (Synthesia Piano) Oath Sign, Fate/Zero OP 1

    (Synthesia Piano) Oath Sign, Fate/Zero OP 1 MP3 If the above link doesn't work pls let me know. aqtq314«ΑТ»outlook«DОΤ»com.

    Tags: Fate, Zero

  • 【IA ROCKS】 Oath Sign 【カバー】

    【IA ROCKS】 Oath Sign 【カバー】 MP3

    Yes, it's a cover of Oath Sign, Fate/Zero opening song, originally sung by LiSA. So it finally comes full circle, eh? LiSA has covered a couple of IA's songs before ...

    Tags: Vocaloid, IA, IA ROCKS, Oath Sign, LiSA, Anime OP, Cover, Synth, mokemoke

  • 【MAD】Steins;Gate Opening 2 「Oath Sign」ᴴᴰ

    【MAD】Steins;Gate Opening 2 「Oath Sign」ᴴᴰ MP3

    READ----- THIS IS FANMADE (Please note that I do not own Steins;Gate or the song Oath Sign, I gain no profit) Official Steins;Gate Website: ...

    Tags: MAD, Opening, AMVS, Anime, LiSA, Crossing Field, Okabe Rintarou, Kurisu, Mayuri, Akihabara (Neighborhood), PS Vita, Rising Hope, Oath Sign, Fate Zero, Fate Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works, 5pb, Nitroplus (TV Program Creator), Visual Novel (Video Game Genre), Fate Zero Opening

  • 【Fate/Zero】 oath sign フル 叩いてみた 【CC Lemon】

    【Fate/Zero】 oath sign フル 叩いてみた 【CC Lemon】 MP3

    Fate/Zero oath sign CC Lemon's comment↓ CCレモンです。こんにちは。 良くわかりませんが「アップロード者が削除」し...

    Tags: oath_sign, LiSA, CCLemon

  • [F/Z] oath-sign (English Cover by Rikatwoo)

    [F/Z] oath-sign (English Cover by Rikatwoo) MP3

    Okay, let's try uploading this to my account and see what happens.. But anyway! Yes, another LiSA song. This one is from Fate/Zero, which I'm currently watching ...

    Tags: cover rikatwoo anime

  • Video Game Music Video - Oath Sign (English Opening)

    Video Game Music Video - Oath Sign (English Opening) MP3

    Original Version: Orchestra Version: This was supposed to be ...

    Tags: amv, gmv, Oath Sign, shiro, anime, naruto, bleach, saber, Rooster Teeth (TV Program Creator), Soulcalibur (Video Game), jappan, cover, opening, gravity, clock

  • oath sign 男性version

    oath sign 男性version MP3


    Tags: Fate, Netstaion643

  • LiSA - Fate Zero - oath sign [Live]

    LiSA - Fate Zero - oath sign [Live] MP3

    LiSA - Fate Zero - oath sign [Live] 动漫の家族:

    Tags: LiSA, oath, sign, Live, 720p

  • Fate/Zero op oath sign Live

    Fate/Zero op oath sign Live MP3

    前回のが消えたので再うpです 下手ですが見てやってください.

    Tags: op, oath sign, Live