Zambian Music 2008

  • Nga Uleya-John Chiti

    Nga Uleya-John Chiti MP3

    Zambian Music.

    Tags: John, Chiti, Zambian, Music

  • Mainza - Ndekulolela

    Mainza - Ndekulolela MP3

    zambian music.

    Tags: zambian, music

  • my love- love doc

    my love- love doc MP3

    zambian music.

    Tags: music, zambian

  • ba zambia ngatwalusa - mozegetor

    ba zambia ngatwalusa - mozegetor MP3

    zambian music video.

    Tags: hip-hop

  • ZAMBIAN MUSIC ( AbenA - Nkakupela )

    ZAMBIAN MUSIC ( AbenA - Nkakupela ) MP3

    This song talks about a parents love for he's first born daughter. he's tellin her Nkakupela meaning i will provide all the needs for you. Download it at: ...

    Tags: Jazz, Alternative, Rap, African, Music, Copperbelt, Zambia, Kitwe, Zed, Bemba, Nyanja, Afro, AbenA, Zambian, Hip-Hop, Soul

  • its over

    its over MP3

    zambian music jimmy.

    Tags: music, zambian

  • Selfish - Choklet ft. Hook

    Selfish - Choklet ft. Hook MP3

    Zambian Music.

    Tags: zambia, zambeat, choklet

  • Glorious Band - Mulila chibonga

    Glorious Band - Mulila chibonga MP3

    zambian music.

    Tags: folk

  • Zambian Music : DeePee - Better Man

    Zambian Music : DeePee - Better Man MP3

    Just some words i wrote to the "arent you clever" instrumental found in FL Studio done by Mr. Special!

    Tags: Zambian, Music, Zamrock, deepee, kitwe, rock, zambia, 2008, latest, FL, studio

  • beta tv

    beta tv MP3

    zambian music danny.

    Tags: music, zambian

  • zambian music

    zambian music MP3

    this song is just a freestyle in bemba.

    Tags: zambia, Kitwe

  • Zambian music /Chisendo /Martin Simutinta-The voices Acappella

    Zambian music /Chisendo /Martin Simutinta-The voices Acappella MP3

    By Maxwell-TVA From Africa they came, they sing with one voice, one heart, to one God.They are The voices Acappella/ Zamm.

    Tags: The, voices, Zamm, Martin, Simutinta

  • Zambia Music Video.. By a FAN.. Bundulila

    Zambia Music Video.. By a FAN.. Bundulila MP3

    A video clip by from the zambian artist Mampi, but the video is just ... sipherile of malawi, lilongwe.

    Tags: sipherile, bukavu, zambia, malawi, lilongwe, lusaka, mampi, bundulila

  • So Luck -Exile

    So Luck -Exile MP3

    Zambian music.

    Tags: Zambian, music

  • Daddy Zemus- "Chibaba"

    Daddy Zemus- "Chibaba" MP3

    Late zambian music legend.

    Tags: world, music, daddy, zemus, lindi, mainza, zambian

  • Coup - Caleb

    Coup - Caleb MP3

    Zambian Music.

    Tags: Caleb, zambia

  • Siku ya lelo-Exile

    Siku ya lelo-Exile MP3

    a sick tune from Exile Zambia.

    Tags: Zambia, exile, siku, ya, lelo, zambian, music, zed, world

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