Zolani Mkhiva

  • Zolani Mkiva

    Zolani Mkiva MP3

    Xhosa imbongi.

    Tags: imbongi

  • África (Zolani Mkiva, Suráfrica)

    África (Zolani Mkiva, Suráfrica) MP3

    Memoria del Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín. Poema del surafricano Zolani Mkiva (con subtítulos en castellano) que apologiza la resistencia de ...

    Tags: Poetry, Colombia, Prometeo, Festival, Apartheid, Medellin, Arte, Cultura, Mandela, Africa, Mkiva, Imbongi, poet

  • Praising Madiba: Zolani Mkiva

    Praising Madiba: Zolani Mkiva MP3

    Praising Madiba: Zolani Mkiva.

    Tags: SABC, News, Zolani Mkiva, Nelson Mandela

  • Zolani Mkiva &  Sandile Nxumalo - Asinayo Baba

    Zolani Mkiva & Sandile Nxumalo - Asinayo Baba MP3

    Swaziland Music.

    Tags: Zolani Mkiva, Sandile Nxumalo, Swaziland

  • Praising Madiba: Mkiva

    Praising Madiba: Mkiva MP3

    Zolani Mkiva, Nelson Mandela's praise singer says he learned a lot from the late statesman.

    Tags: SABC, News, Nelson Mandela, Zolani Mkiva, South Africa (Country)

  • "havana huha" Zolani Mkiva

    "havana huha" Zolani Mkiva MP3

    After a long day of shooting for a documentary, we had a look at the sunlight - plus the beauty of our surroundings and went for it. The music video took 80 min ...

    Tags: camera13, Music, Music promo, Music Video, Tradititional Music, South Africa, Cuba, Eastern Cape, Zolani Mkiva, HRH, HIS ROYAL HERITAGE

  • Nelson Mandela funeral speech

    Nelson Mandela funeral speech MP3

    CNN Special Coverage with Hala Gorani and John Vause Dec 15, 2013.
  • Zolani MKIVA

    Zolani MKIVA's Homage to Fidel MP3

    traditional music video styled production for South African Artist Zolani Mkiva.

    Tags: camera13, SouthAfrica, Entertainment, Zolani, MKIVA, Castro

  • Hugo Chavez Salutation by Zolani Mkiva

    Hugo Chavez Salutation by Zolani Mkiva MP3


    Tags: camera13, SouthAfrica, Entertainment, Zolani, MKIVA, Chavez, Oni

  • Zolani Mkiva on Madiba

    Zolani Mkiva on Madiba MP3

    Nelson Mandela's praise singer Zolani Mkiva says he learned a lot from the late statesman.

    Tags: Nelson Mandela, Zolani Mkiva, News, SABC, South Africa (Country)

  • FNB Praise Singer

    FNB Praise Singer MP3

    Key to our strategy for 2010 is to position FNB as the FIFA World Cup sponsor which holds nation-building at its heart. And while we will continue to use highly ...

    Tags: FNB, 2010, Soccer, Praise, singer

  • Praise singer mourns Madiba

    Praise singer mourns Madiba's death MP3

    For more on this and other stories please visit http://www.enca.com/ December 6 - Nelson Mandela's former praise singer Zolani Mkiva speaks to eNCA.com ...

    Tags: enca, praise singer, nelson ma, former, passed on, madiba

  • Mkiva Remembering a Warrior

    Mkiva Remembering a Warrior MP3

    Mkiva Remembering a Warrior Dutywa Eastern Cape May 2009.

    Tags: Mkiva, Remembering a Warrior, Dutywa, Eastern Cape, May 2009

  • Princ Zolani Mkiva u Crnoj Gori

    Princ Zolani Mkiva u Crnoj Gori MP3

    RTCG, 10. oktobar 2015.

    Tags: crnogorska kultura, crna gora, montenegro, crnogorska istorija, istorija crne gore, RTCG (Business Operation)

  • Aa!! Zwelidanile

    Aa!! Zwelidanile MP3

    Sijadu kaPotelwa sings e rendition to his grand father Zwelidanile Rhwatsi Potelwa. An elderly leader of the entire Potelwa family, grounded and richly enriched ...

    Tags: Sijadu, Sibongile, Potelwa, Poet, Imbongi, Imbongi yesizwe, African Poet, South African Poet, Praise Poet, Praise Singer, Eastern Cape Poet, Performer, Zolani Mkiva, Jessica, Jessica Mbangeni, Potelwa Sijadu, Sijadu kaPotelwa, Imbongi (Musical Album), Imbongi kaPotelwa, Sibongile Potelwa, Idutywa Poet, Imbongi yaseBolotwa, Imbongi yaseDutywa, Graduate Poet, Zizi Poet, Jama, Mbheki Poet, African Praise Poet, Traditional Poet, Best Poet