Zoro Kitsune

  • ゾロ (ZORO) 「KITSUNE」

    ゾロ (ZORO) 「KITSUNE」 MP3


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  • Zoro - Kitsune english sub

    Zoro - Kitsune english sub MP3

    Lyrics: Romanji/English Kono basho ni ha takusan no kosei to kanousei hison deru Heaps of individuality and possibilities lie dormant in this place kazoe kire ...

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  • ゾロ (ZORO) 「閃光 (SENKOU)」

    ゾロ (ZORO) 「閃光 (SENKOU)」 MP3

    2009.9.9 Release アルバム『CORE』収録 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2009.9.9 Album Release "CORE"

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  • 汚い部屋で ゾロ(zoro) 「KITSUNE」 作ってみた

    汚い部屋で ゾロ(zoro) 「KITSUNE」 作ってみた MP3

    この度はご視聴ありがとうございます、優乃と言います。 引っ越しましたw 今回はゾロのKITSUNEを弾いてみました、拙いながら耳コピが基準でほ...

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  • Zoro Kitsune. [fan made video]

    Zoro Kitsune. [fan made video] MP3

    the story behind this video about a daydream of a girl having fun with her friends sense she can't go out. a video i made with my friends. ideas and editing by me.

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    Zoro Kitsune ↓ This is my favourit song.! ↓ so beautifuL.

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  • ゾロ ZORO   KITSUNE  Drum Cover by YuKo

    ゾロ ZORO KITSUNE Drum Cover by YuKo MP3

  • Kitsune -  Zoro

    Kitsune - Zoro MP3

    Hmm ... Enjoy ;3 I DO NOT OWN THE SONG.

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  • Zoro-Kitsune cover

    Zoro-Kitsune cover MP3

    I saw someone cover this.lol Anyways im not sure if it right or not.lol I do not own this song.

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  • Zoro [ゾロ] - HOUSE OF MADPEAK (live)

    Zoro [ゾロ] - HOUSE OF MADPEAK (live) MP3

    Live :3.

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  • ゾロ - KITSUNE (sample)

    ゾロ - KITSUNE (sample) MP3

    NOTE : This sample is audio only. Here's a sample of KITSUNE, the coming song (and first PV) of Zoro ! From the album [COSMO] -Stainless Music- which is ...

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  • One Piece - Kitsunebi Kinemon el samurai que corta el fuego

    One Piece - Kitsunebi Kinemon el samurai que corta el fuego MP3

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  • J-rock - pop / Visual Kei Guitar Solos 2

    J-rock - pop / Visual Kei Guitar Solos 2 MP3

    2nd part of some guitar solos. All videos are © to their owner. Feel free to request, maybe I'll find it. :] Includes: Depain - 13Fiction Dir en Grey - Raison D'etre ...

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